Spring Breeze


Today was a gorgeous and quite interesting day. Even though I had been living in New York for the past 3 years, it never stops surprising me, and helps me discover new things. I had a chance of visiting the crowded, but always amazing SoHo, and fulfilling Williamsburg.

I explored different aspects of the city, yet, found something in common: people in New York are never scared to express their individuality through their style. Just by looking at people in NYC gives me so much inspiration; so many feelings/emotions. The city itself is a powerful piece of inspiration. I have taken pictures of the city in different places, and took pictures of my outfit. I chose a bright, neon, pink dress with a black cardigan, black boots (that I have previously worn in the “Ocean View” post), and black tights to keep my legs warm.


Outfit Details: Dress-Forever 21, Cardigan-Forever 21, Tights-Hues, Chain Necklace-Ebay, Headband-Accessorize, Watch-Coach, Bracelet-Tiffany’s, Boots-DKNY.

Thank You for reading!

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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