New York Diary

NYC Diary:: Welcome to My Home

NYC Diary:: Welcome to My Home

Hello, my fellow readers!

Being sick can suck. But sometimes it’s pleasant. I find being in a state of every day coughing, and weird voice as a restart, not only for your body, but for your mind. There is time to think about everything that has been stuck to your mind for a long time. You can gather inspiration, ideas, and rethink some thoughts. For instance, I have been spending my two “sick days” by reading books, browsing through internet, and doing homework. I actually enjoyed it. It gave me a pause that I needed: I had time to overthink my future plans. So today I decided to post a mini room tour/what I do on my “sick breaks.” Of course I included myself in pajamas, and my lovely computer. Sick days are sick days but what can you do but to enjoy yourself and make yourself feel better?

Lavender Candle-Bath and Body Works
Lavender Candle-Bath and Body Works


Outfit & Decor Details: Pajamas-Victoria’s Secret Violet cover blanket-Marshalls Laptop-Apple “Audrey Hepburn” Christmas Lights-Home Depot Pillows-Marshalls and Ikea, Shelves-Home Depot, “Eiffel Tower” Book, Mini Carousel Decoration-A gift from Paris, Mini Eiffel Tower Statuette-Bought in Odessa, Ukraine, Jewelry-Six/Charlotte Russe/Forever 21, Mannequin Jewelry Stand-Century 21, “Cupcake” Jewelry Box-Home Goods, Lavender Candle-Bath and Body Work, Jewelry Holder Frame-Made by me, “Audrey Black and White”, “Mini Piano” Figure-a gift.

Thank you for reading, and have a great day!

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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