A Walk in Venice

A Walk in Venice

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As you all know, or maybe some of you don’t, I’m in Florida, the sunshine state. In my previous post, I’ve mentioned that I visited “one of the most famous chocolatier and ice creamier in the United States,”  so in today’s post I decided to give an insight of that chocolate and ice cream shop.


Kilwin's Ice Cream

It is a very interesting, small shop in Venice, one of Florida’s cities, which produces handmade chocolate right in each of their stores. Besides Venice, there is also one additional shop located in Sarasota, also one of Florida’s cities. Why is it small? Because if you walk into each shop, they are most likely smaller than your living room. Yet, the area of the shop gives some kind of comfort, and it smells delicious inside.



The store is called “Kilwin’s Chocolates,” and it’s been around since 1947. The store contains everything, from chocolates to gummy bears. I’ve tried the caramel apple, and what can I say besides the word delicious. In addition, my mother and I are fans of chocolate, so we bought their signature, what we call “chocolate rolls,” and let me tell you something: if you ever go to Florida, you HAVE to eat some of that chocolate.

Kilwin's bonbons

If you are interested, there is also a store in Fort Myers, so if you’ll ever pass by, I highly recommend to visit the store, and purchase some chocolate. There is also a website you can visit: https://www.kilwins.com


Aside from my addiction to chocolate, I also visited a great beach, called “Venice Beach.” It’s a beautiful, relaxing place to be in, and my family wanted to visit it in order to see the sunset, however, due to us being late, and a cloudy sky, we didn’t see the sunset. Nevertheless, it was beautiful. We had the chance to see the dolphins swim, who also were jumping out of the water to entertain themselves.


Venice Beach Venice Beach Venice Beach Venice Beach

The ocean was calm, yet, energetic. Honestly, New York will always be “my place to live in for the rest of my life,” but Florida is the perfect get-away place, that helps you forget about problems, and just live in and enjoy the moment.Venice Beach Venice Beach Venice Beach

Outfit Details: Pullover-H&M, Black jeans-Necessary Clothing, Shoes-Century 21, Earrings-Forever 21, “S” Necklace-Nordstrom Rack.

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