Reviving the Old

Reviving the Old

Hello, my fellow readers!

Reviving the Old

Happy (Upcoming) Easter! I’m so glad to be back with more stories, and more images of my adventures! Today’s post is called “Reviving the Old,” not because my post is based off of something aged, but instead, I decided to interpret my stripe-pattern dress from my previous post (Breakfast at Tiffany’s) in a similar way, yet, adding new touches to it.

Reviving the Old

Soon, my vacation in Florida is coming up to an end, and what can I say: I miss New York with a passion. I need the city life to extract inspiration from it; I can’t live without loud noises, and often rains, without yellow cabs, and fast pace. This might sound insane, but I adore the city life, and I would prefer it over anything.

Reviving the Old

I’m excited for Easter, I mean who isn’t? The egg-hunting fun happening today and tomorrow, and in Orthodox Christian traditions, we get to bake petite, delicious cakes, that taste like happiness. They are purposely baked only for Easter, and it takes quiet a lot of patience and time to bake them.

Reviving the Old

Even if you are not as religious, or don’t celebrate Easter as much, you can always enjoy your weekends! The days go by so fast, it’s the end of April already. I feel upset because I tend to think I have enough time in a day, but no, not always. Your life goes by so fast, like a finger snap. A little frustrating, but what can you do about it? Just enjoy your life, and smile everyday, even on the bad days fake smile can help to bring a real one. So just be happy, and enjoy your adventures, your journeys.

Reviving the Old

Outfit Details: Striped dress-Max&Co, Sandals-Vince Camuto, Headband-Forever 21, Earrings-Forever 21, Crossbody bag-Aldo.

Hope you’ve enjoyed my post, and Have a wonderful weekend.

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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