Baby Rose

Baby Rose

Hello, my fellow readers!

Baby Rose

Happy Easter! So finally, I’m leaving Florida. I cannot even explain how excited I am to see the full spring bloom of New York City. The trees are covered with light pink flowers and green leaves, plus, the warm weather just adds on to the happy mood. Don’t get me wrong, Florida does have a variety of flowers, and it is covered with green colors, but New York City is different. It creates that major contrast between the cold winter and warm spring, you just learn to appreciate spring more.

Baby Rose

Fashion changes as well: the full, heavy coats take a trip to the back of the closet, while the warm, sunny dresses and light jean jackets lend a spot on the front shelves and hangers. The lonely sunglasses travel to the top, somewhere where our eyes can always catch them; our favorite flower accessories are on the display as well. Overall, the closet gradually transforms with the season.

Baby Rose

Some of us decorate our apartments, adding the little spring sprinkles here and there, while also managing to bring those flower smells from the streets to the apartment. What? You think New York only smells like burned hot dogs and gasoline? No, not really, it actually depends on the neighborhood you are in. So spring is in the full bloom, yup.

Baby Rose

Baby Rose

Baby Rose

Outfit Details: T-shirt-Marshalls, Skirt-Necessary Clothing, Handbag-Calvin Klein, Flats-Marshalls, Headband-Forever 21, Earrings-Forever 21, Statement Necklace-Forever 21.

Thank You for taking time to read this post, and Have a wonderful post-Eastern week.

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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