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NYC Diary:: Soho

NYC Diary:: Soho

Hello, my fellow readers!

NYC Diary: Soho

Today, I went to explore the downtown part of Manhattan just like any tourist would do. I have been living in New York for the past 3 years, and I fall in love with it every single day of my life. I’m a very urban person: I would rather spend my days in a loud, big city than in a quiet, calm suburb. I cannot live without the taxi noises and the drivers’ voices, the subway running above my head, and of course, the feet stomps and little talks of the people that surround me. Everyone has their own ideal place to be in, and for me, it is New York City.NYC Diary: Soho.

Soho is a well-known, shopping neighborhood in Downtown, Manhattan. However, there is so much more to this neighborhood than shopping. Small streets are filled with European restaurants, stores, and cafes. Yet, to every European side there will always be a New Yorker feel.

NYC Diary: Soho.

NYC Diary: Soho.

Every time I receive an opportunity to visit Soho, I always try to take it because Soho brings so much inspiration to me. I don’t know what about Soho is so special, but it gives me what I need: fulfillment and happiness. Sometimes I feel nostalgic when I visit the neighborhood: I start to think about my European adventures, and every little thing that I had the chance of experiencing while I had lived in Europe.

NYC Diary: Soho.

Speaking of the European culture being brought to the Big Apple, I went to visit, of course you know what it is, my favorite macaroon place, Laduree! As known by many, Laduree opened a new store/cafe in New York City, which is located at the West side of Downtown. As you walk in, it has the most beautiful feel to it: It feels like you stepped into a small version of Paris. Of course, Laduree is a French brand, however, bringing the exact same ambiance to the city may be a great challenge. At this location, Laduree added their famous pastries, such as Ispahan,  besides macaroons and ice cream. In addition, the interior greatly expanded to one big dining room, one small cafe hall across from the selling bar, and one great garden that is located under a transparent cover for a roof. Besides the desserts, Laduree has also started to serve delicious meals and beverages. All of this seems wonderful, but nothing is perfect. The assisting system is pretty deformed. I was standing in line to purchase pastries, and then take a seat at the cafe across, in the same lobby. However, when I asked if I can sit in the cafe area, the vendors told me to ask the assisting managers because they were not sure if the area “has opened to the public yet”. The manager told me that I may purchase the pastries and sit down, but the cafe area is not “opened yet.” After all, I bought my pastries, and did not know where may I peacefully enjoy my dessert. I wish there would have been more improvement done in the area of customer service. After all, I did end up enjoying the delicious French pastries, yet not in a cafe, but rather on a bench in a park. WONDERFUL!

NYC Diary: Soho. NYC Diary: Soho. NYC Diary: Soho.

Overall, if you are planning on visiting New York City, there are many more things to see besides Times Square, which is a stereotypical tourist place. Times Square will always be the “go-to” place for all the tourists, but New York is so much more than shiny tabloids and sparkly lights. There are little “hiding” places in every part of the city, especially the smaller areas of it, such as Soho. If you are a tourist, think about what do you want to know about New York, what experiences are you planning on sharing with yourself, your family and friends, and what memories do you really want to create. Think about which sides of New York do you wish to see because New York is different, however, there will always be something for everyone.

Outfit Details: Dress-Zara, Sandals-Marshalls, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Phone Case-Purchased on Ebay. 

Thank You for reading, and Have a great day!

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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