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Today will be a very personal post because it is connected to one of the most important events in my life: my 16th Birthday. I have never thought how important the number 16 is until I became another 16 year old. Even though it is just another teenage year of my life, it still is important because you are two years away from a legal voting age, two years away until you can own a car and have a Driver’s License, and last but not least, two years away from graduating high school and becoming a freshman in college. Because this day was so special to me, I decided to share it with my readers on my blog because why not?


If you are not from the United States, you probably don’t know how big of a deal a Sweet 16 party is, (well not if you watch My Super Sweet Sixteen series on MTV). To begin with, I’m not a big fan of massive parties with a ridiculous amount of people to whom in daily life I might barely talk to. And so I have decided to only have a small house party, with 9 people, including my parents. However, my dad pointed out that a 16th Birthday, as any other birthday, happens only once in your lifetime. With that thought, I decided to celebrate it not the way it is “supposed” to be, but the way I want it to be, the way that will express my personality and who I am as an individual. I have decided to organize a birthday cruise, that will occur on the East River, around all of Downtown and Statue of Liberty. The idea of the cruise seemed charming and pleasant, due to the fact that it’s personal and different from what usually occurs at Sweet Sixteenth (a large ballroom, with buffet and dance floor).


If my venue expressed who I am, then the people who I was planning to invite had to be who I consider my best friends. And so it happened. I invited 6 girls, who I have been friends with for one or two years, who are there when I need them and I’m there when they need me, (cheesy, I know.) Yet, this was just the perfect celebration, with the right company and delightful views.


As I’m becoming more mature and older, I had to establish goals that would express what I want for the present and future me. They start out from little things, such as to read more, and finish with great things, such as achieve what I’m aiming for. This birthday was quiet unforgettable, and all the memories I have shared with my friends and family and I are something grand and splendid. After all of that, I can’t tell you enough of how happy I am to be me and to have met people that I’ve met along my journey.

16.16. 16. 16.

Outfit Details: Dress-Red Valentino from Rent-the-Runaway {https://www.renttherunway.com/shop/designers/redvalentino_dresses/siprosedress}, Earrings-Forever 21, Necklace-H&M, Pumps-Nine West, Clutch- purchased from Amazon, no exact brand. 

I wish you the same happiness in life, and to find what you are really looking for.

xoxo, Fashion Caption.


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