New York Diary

NYC Diary:: Browsing the Brooklyn Fleas

NYC Diary:: Browsing the Brooklyn Fleas

Hello, my fellow readers! Browsing the Fleas As the summer goes by, we are already on the month of July! This weekend, my family and I took a trip to the Brooklyn flea markets. I always liked to go to Brooklyn fleas because they bring out New York City itself as well as the people who live in the city. Even though I might not buy anything, I would still love to go to a Brooklyn flea, anytime, any day! Browsing the FleasBrowsing the Fleas And so, this weekend, I ended up on one of the flea markets that I love to visit in Brooklyn, the Brooklyn Flea-Williamsburg. This flea is very splendid as well as charming due to the fact that it has a variety of different pieces from different decades and backgrounds. The pieces that are sold there are usually remodeled, redesigned, or restored back to their original condition. The amount of money you usually pay depends on an item or its value to the owner. The prices vary from high to low, of course, it also depends on your budget. The bigger the budget, the cheaper the prices! Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas One of the secrets that I just HAVE to tell you is that I, personally, go to flea markets in order to eat some delicious food. Just like people’s personalities, the food can vary from spicy to sweet to bitter to salty. The food part of flea markets belongs to a food network or a food market, called Smorgasburg. It is not only located in the Williamsburg flea, but it is also a main component of the East River Pier, located near the Brooklyn Heights. If you are not familiar with the Brooklyn Heights, the Brooklyn Heights is an aged neighborhood in Brooklyn which intrigues any individual with its unique architecture that dates back to the beginning of 19th century. But going back to the East River, the East River market is revolving exclusively around food and its cultural backgrounds. You have the possibility of going from Thailand to the United States in a matter of walking distance and a couple minutes. Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the FleasBrowsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas Browsing the Fleas To conclude, if you’ll ever planning to go to New York City, do not forget to visit the food and flea markets because they are a part of what makes New York City the New York City.

Outfit Details: Top-Ralph Lauren, Boyfriend Jeans-H&M, Crossbody bag-Aeropostale, Necklace-Amazon, Watch-Coach, Bracelet-Tiffany’s, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Belt-Marshalls, Ballet Flats-DV8.

Thank You for reading, and have a magical week!

xoxo, Fashion Caption.

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