Lady in Pink

Lady in Pink

Hello, my fellow readers!

Lady In Pink{This is a drawing I took picture of. I do not own any rights for it}

Haven’t been posting in awhile and I’m already missing it! Finally, today, I’m happy to write a new post. While I was gone from blogging, some changes have taken place: I dyed my hair an ombre purple, yet, the purple faded away in a week, so now I have a standard ombre that flows from my natural brunette shades to the bleached, ombre ends. A reason for doing it? I needed a change. Everything about you changes overtime: your personal fashion sense, your hair, your attitude, and sometimes even you change as a person by becoming less or more open-minded. However, while I’m young, why not try something crazy with my hair? And for me, “crazy” meant having purple ends.

Lady In PinkLady In Pink

This weekend, I was flipping through some baby and toddler pictures of myself, and I realized that I really did change. Obviously I grew up, became more mature, and I’m still in the process of transferring from my teenage years into adulthood, but I didn’t notice how much I changed. The word change can have a variety of meanings, just like any other word in the dictionary. Change can occur without you even spotting it, or it can occur in the most obvious way possible. The transition that occurred from my kid years into my teenage years happened without me even noticing it. Only when people tell me that I changed, only then I notice how I changed.

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In Pink

In addition to changes, this weekend I found a new flea market in Downtown, Manhattan which was pretty interesting to explore (you can tell I’m addicted to flea markets). At first glance, it might seem that all of the flea markets are the same, but don’t judge a book by its cover. There were a lot of vintage jewelry, silverware, African masks, frames, watches, and small jewelry boxes. To be honest, to as many flea markets as I have been to, each one is unique in its own way. You never know what treasures you might find. So go out and explore before the time changes things around.

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink

Everything and everyone need a little change in their life. Cities develop every year, every day, every hour, every minute, just like any person does. Sometimes it might seem like everything is just stuck at its place and doesn’t progress anywhere, however, everything does gradually or rapidly evolves. If you want to change, I say: “Just do it!”, because life is too short to be stopped at one place, or not move in any direction. Every little change that happens to an individual changes them in every way possible, even if those changes are as simple as dying your hair. Purple hair gave me a little kick of confidence that I sometimes need. So whatever you wish to do, just do it because it will help the future you become the better you by learning from the experience. Just like Nike’s logo says: “Just do it!”, I mean you never know in which direction that change might lead you toward. 🙂

Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In Pink Lady In PinkLady In PinkLady In Pink

Outfit Details: Dress-H&M, Belt-Century 21, Flats-American Eagle, Handbag-Calvin Klein, Watch-Coach, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Flea Market. 

Thank You so much for reading, and enjoy your week!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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