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Charles James: Beyond Fashion

Charles James: Beyond Fashion

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Charles James: Beyond Fashion

This week I decided to properly use rather than waste my free time. I determined to explore the Met, also known as the Metropolitan Museum of Art. My main purpose for going to the Met was to take some time for myself, and feed my brain with the gorgeous art pieces and stunning sculptures. However, knowing that the Met Ball, which occurs every year under the guidance of Vogue US, has a particular theme each year, there has to be an exhibition related to the ball’s theme. And this year, the theme of the ball was to honor the magnificent talent and wearable creations of Charles James, in the exhibition named: “Charles James: Beyond Fashion.” His evening ball gowns and later on, more casual wear were exhibited at the Met.

If you have never gone to the Met, to find an exhibition you have to guide yourself through a variety of halls and museum exposition rooms where you can find pieces from anywhere in the world. That’s something that makes Metropolitan perfect: You can reunite with parts of yourself in any corner of the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

As I walk into Metropolitan, I step directly into the Grand Hall where all the people, tourists and citizens, find themselves wandering around, looking up to see the ceiling and the walls. Metropolitan is one of the biggest museums I have ever seen since Louvre. I start to move toward the admissions desk, and after I got my official Met sticker, I gently stick it on, grab a map, and move on to the beautiful Ancient Greek and Roman sculptures which lead me directly to Charles James.

Before I start the exhibition, there is a variety of workshops that include a designer who shows the similar techniques of dressmaking that were used by Charles James in his designs. Watching the process makes you lose control of time or thought, and just grabs your full attention into it.Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion

The entrance to the exhibition is quite simple, which makes you wonder how the exhibition itself would be set up. To the left, you can see the beginnings of certain dresses, just like the outlined canvases for the artists, and the noted pages for the writers. Charles James managed to express his amazing ideas through the cut of his dresses, while most people cannot express something like that through color.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion  Entering the exhibition is a flow of people, mostly all of them are women of different ages and attires, however, all of them looking for the dresses. And here they are: the dresses. Most of them are various shades of rainbow,  but as  aforementioned, the feature that stands out the most is the cut of the dresses. The stitches are ideal, flat and ironed without any fold.

The dresses were specifically designed for clients with different shapes and forms, curvy and slim. It makes you feel as if you don’t have to look a certain way because the dress will be yours, and no one else’s.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion  Most of the dresses are inspired by the Victorian Era, and certain elements are taken from and used as James’s inspiration. In addition, certain fabrics such as silk, chiffon, and velvet are used in the making of each dress, some of them including braided horse hair which makes a perfect couture dress perfect.

To fully experience the exhibition, you have to be present to see each dress, its charm and flow, its bold cuts and amazing colors. Exhibitions are just like you see them, yet, add a little bit of imagination, and the world revolves around differently. If you’ll get to experience the exhibit in its last few days (it ends on August 10th), include imagination, and you’ll look at not just dresses, but at timeless creations done by Charles James.

Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0823 photo 5 Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0839 Charles James: Beyond Fashion Charles James: Beyond Fashion DSC_0853 DSC_0849 Charles James: Beyond Fashion

Thank You for reading, and enjoy the weekend!

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