August’s Blues

August’s Blues

Hello, my fellow readers!

August's Blues

During these past weeks, the weather has been changing quite a lot. Walking out in the morning seems to be as if it is already fall, however, as it gets closer towards the afternoon, the sun starts to come out of the gray skies making its rays reachable to everyone. So in order to experience the last bits and pieces of summer, my family and I decided to head off to the beach, and no, not to swim, but to just watch the ocean currents hit the shore.

Life reminds me of the ocean: it can be smooth and sharp, leading us towards any direction possible, giving us fresh opportunities and starts. This summer has been quite interesting. Learning many new things gave me the opportunity to realize¬†what life really looks like at a certain age, even though I haven’t gotten the chance to view the¬†different perspectives from any other age besides 16. Yet, I still have time, and I should not waste it because each minute counts.

All I want to say is, in conclusion, don’t waste your time on anyone who doesn’t deserve it, be yourself no matter what the situation is, and most importantly, take care of your loved ones just because they matter. All good things come to an end, yet, for the greater things to be born.

August's Blues August's Blues August's BluesAugust's Blues August's Blues August's Blues August's Blues August's Blues

Outfit Details: T-shirt-Zara, Pants-H&M, Ballet Flats-American Eagle Outfitters, Phone Case-Ebay, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel.

Thank You for reading, and have a great week!

xoxo, Fashion Caption.


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