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NYC Diary:: Union Square & Flower Power

NYC Diary:: Union Square & Flower Power

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August's Blues

Even though summer is coming to the end, the weather is slowly coming back to normal summer weather in NYC. Not so surprisingly, it has been very hot and humid, causing the melted makeup to wash off of one’s face. New York City has always been hot and humid during the summer months, at least as long as I can remember, but this weather just makes me much happier now than it has ever had.

Today, I took a stroll downtown with my best friend, Marlene. It was very hot, and you could feel the sun on the top of our heads. Wearing dresses, and being classy and sophisticated, Marlene and I went out for some frozen yogurt and Starbucks. However, while wandering around Union Square, we found a little, wonderful Farmers’ Market, where you can see and purchase a variety of fresh, straight from the garden fruits, vegetables, and even flowers.

When we came up to one of the tomato stands, a woman standing close by asked if the tomatoes were organic. Notably, the vendors responded with a ‘no’, because lately, every single food label mentions the word organic in it even if the food is not. After that incident, I stopped using the word ‘organic’ every time I bring up fresh fruits and vegetables from different markets.

NYC has many farmers’ markets in various neighborhoods and boroughs. Each farmer’s market is diverse, yet, that is the beauty of it because you are able to buy local grown foods that you can be confident in. One of the farmer’s markets which caught my eye a couple of times has a bread stand which sells freshly baked bread in contrasting tastes. It is very delicious, and I’m thinking of baking bread myself. Why not? It will be delicious, home-made, and nothing beats home-made foods.

These farmers’ markets portray a not so visible side of the city. They expose a more tender and calm perspective, adding on that little touch of local grown and home-prepared goods. They remind me of countryside or villages, sometimes, my country of birth. As I have previously mentioned, I love exploring New York, seeing it with both, tourist’s and citizen’s eyes. You can never go wrong if you purchase a ticket to NYC, if you ask me. Trust me, it is truly worth it, and sometimes I do tend to think that it is a center of the Universe.

August's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's BluesAugust's Blues August's Blues August's Blues

Outfit Details: Dress-Forever 21, Crossbody bag-Aeropostale, Flats-ShoeDazzle (Similar Here: Forever Bella Flats), Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Forever 21.

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xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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