Punk Princess

Punk Princess

Hello my fellow readers,
Punk Princess

Today’s post is all about getting out of your comfort zone (p.s. the purple hair is back). To be honest, I had never thought of dying my hair until I actually committed to it. I have been planning to go red for a year, but after all the thoughts, I realized I would not be a great redhead. A thought of dying my hair has always seemed scary to me because I would think of how much damage I might cause to my hair. Yet, good hair care will never ruin your hair, or your hair color. However, the point of this introduction is to tell you of how much I used to be afraid to do something so simple, and now, I’m telling you about stepping out of your comfort zone.

I have changed-as I like to say it-I have evolved. If you have been following my blog and I for a while, you might know how much I love classic sense of style, classic movies such as Breakfast at Tiffany’s, and of course, my inspiration is Audrey Hepburn. Yet, lately I have been coming out of my little shell, and trying out different things in fashion, or just change my overall look. Of course, Audrey Hepburn will always be my inspiration, and I will always wear my favorite pencil skirt with my blouse, but, I would put a little twist to it with accessories or makeup.

As aforementioned, I dyed my hair, and I had it bleached, and if you would’ve told me three years ago that I will bleach my hair and then dye it purple, I would think you are crazy. But that is the point of living: you receive only one, grand chance of living your life the way you wish to. There will always be some obstacles, there will always be some problems, big or small, but life is beautiful, and getting out of your comfort zone is the part of its beauty.

Coming out of a comfort zone doesn’t have to be changing your look, or dying your hair purple, but coming out of a comfort zone may be as simple as just doing something you have never done before. If you have ever wished to start something you have never got the chance to start, or become someone who you always wished to become, you should do it now! Just simply get up in the morning, and tell yourself: “I’m strong, I live only once. I’m not a cat with nine lives, so I will accomplish that one thing that I have had a plan of accomplishing.” If you push yourself, it will be amazing to see you how much you can accomplish. I have never thought I would start a blog either, yet, I’m so glad I did because blogging is my passion, and I constantly put all of my strength and love in to it. So, get up, and do whatever you have to do to become the best version of yourself!

As for today’s photos, I decided to display my little city life by taking pictures on…no, not on my balcony, but, on my fire escape staircase. The building in which I currently live in is one of the common New York City residential housings, which you can see for yourself upon coming to the Big Apple. Even though many individuals might think that the fire escape adds some grunge into the city, I find the fire stairwells charming, even interesting. Nevertheless, it is all up to you and your personal associations and experiences to decide whether you like the fire escapes or not.

As far as for my outfit, I decided to pair a fun, little black tutu dress with an ear cuff which I found while exploring a little area of the city, not so far from Chinatown. I would usually prefer to wear little pearl earrings or studs, but there is something about this ear cuff that pulls me into it. On the other hand, two things which balance out my look are my ballerina black flats, which I purchased a while ago on Amazon, and my MaxMara black bag that reminds me of a wristlet and minaudière at the same time.

Although you might be afraid of change, go for it! A box will always be a box until you tear it apart. Your comfort zone is a box, experiment with your looks because they might lead you to new adventures. Life is a tale, and you are the writer. So, write a great story.

Punk Princess Punk Princess Punk Princess Punk Princess Punk Princess Punk Princess Punk PrincessDSC_0851Outfit Details: Dress-Allison Parris, Ear Cuff-Flea Market, Ballet flats-Amazon (Similar Here: Anna Women’s Ballet Flats), Cross Necklace-Roberto Coin, Wristlet/Minaudiere-MaxMara.

Thank You for reading my post, and enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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