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Central Park is a place to be in when you have different thoughts on your mind, or even if you don’t have any thoughts at all, and just want to sit and watch various, beautiful people walk by, day by day. Central Park is a place where I absorb and find my inspiration. It is a place that motivates me to keep going, no matter what I might be doing, and what are the obstacles that surround me.

If you have ever been to New York City, you probably do understand that Central Park is a little isolation from the city itself; it’s a small corner of happiness and serene atmosphere. You really forget about the fact that you are in the middle of Manhattan because of how splendid it is to be present there. Of course, there are some small minuses, such as cars during the weekdays, and bicycle riders and runners during the weekends, however, it is still one of the most peaceful places you can find in the city.

Today’s post, as you might have guessed, is taking place in Central Park, where I’m taking you on a stroll around the park itself. Unfortunately, I could not walk around and document every single part of Central Park, or otherwise this post would have been infinite, however, I will provide some information about various  portions of the park.

Just to help you visualize what Central Park feels like, I’m going to provide you with a lot of imagery. For instance, when you walk around what seems to be at first quiet streets and paths, you will eventually hear majestic sounds of jazz. I love walking around and hearing the classics, from Sinatra to Armstrong. In addition, during the spring and summer, the trees boom with green leaves, and it seems to be as if you are trapped in a forest. Yet, if you look down on the ground, the reality spins back. Even when winter and fall come around, Central Park seems to be Narnia, or a golden garden because of all the vegetation which constantly surrounds you. It’s beautiful, really. Experiencing it in person, though, is not the same as seeing it in photos.

One alley that stands out is the main alley of the Central Park. I call it the “movie set of all NYC movies” because that is exactly where all New York City films tend to take place, for instance, “Made in Manhattan.” In the beginning of the alley, there are monuments of different poets, musicians, writers, which add on some culture to the forest. And as you move past by, you start to notice many tourists walking by, wandering around just as much as you probably are. But as you walk by, you get closer to what seems to be a stage, which provides an ideal place for summer concerts. It is not just a regular stage with pieces of metal put together; it is an arch, a gentle, cream arch. Moving on, there are street performers, whose concept of their only performing and dancing show seems to never change.

As you move on from one place to  another, you are being carried by the beauty of Central Park. Passing the street performers, you move closely to a terrace, from which you can observe the main square. The main square is the hang out place for anyone; you can see a wedding on a right, and a yoga class on the left, while the tourists are trapped in the center. Speaking of the center, there is a fountain, called “Bethesda Fountain.” The fountain is the focal point of the aforementioned Bethesda Terrace. “The Bethesda Fountain is one of the largest fountains in New York, measuring twenty-six feet high by ninety-six feet wide.” (www.centralpark.com)  It is quite astonishing because seeing the grand fountain with all the people around it seems to leave a big, memorable impression.  Central Park is truly central; it collects people from all-over the world.

As for my outfit, I chose to go with one of my favorite staples: my pink moto jacket. It complements every outfit, and adds grunge to feminism, yet, still leaving it lady-like. I paired it with my favorite pair of sneakers by Kate Spade for Keds, boyfriend jeans from H&M, and a chic bun to add a classic twist.

If you’ll ever got the chance to visit the city, visit its secret and not-so-secret corners. Who knows, maybe you’ll find what you have been looking for for so long?

Pink MotoPink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink Moto Pink MotoPink Moto

Outfit Details: Moto jacket-Zara, T-shirt-Marshalls, Boyfriend Jeans-H&M, Sneakers-Kate Spade for Keds, Sunglasses-Sonia Rykiel, Earrings-Forever 21, Necklace-Roberto Coin.

Thank You so much for reading, and enjoy the weekend ahead of you!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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