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Fall is in the city, and my nostalgic flashbacks have been coming back lately. Every time fall comes around, I begin to reflect on the year that is going to pass by with a snap of two thumbs, and every memory comes back. My nostalgia is pretty much about everything I got the chance of experiencing so far: from having bangs, to making connections with new friends. Speaking of bangs, I’m planning to go back to them this Saturday. To be honest, I’m a person of change, and I hate having something that is uniform for a long time. Change, physical or spiritual, is sometimes the best thing that can happen to any person. Accordingly, experimentation with looks is the beginning of any major change.

Recently, I have decided to experiment with lip colors. Every week, I try on a different lip color-whether if it’s purple or red, I’m trying it on. Because this is a month of October, who wouldn’t like to experiment? Halloween is right around the corner, so I’m trying to make the best of it. I haven’t even decided who I am going to dress up as, however, it is no question that I might even be Audrey Hepburn again. Maybe a more updated and modern version of her. To be completely honest, I have had a plan for a year now that consists of me dressing up as a different famous and influential woman of the 20th century. The plan includes me in an attire of Lucille Ball or Grace Kelly during my junior year, and looking as Jackie O’ during my senior year. I was so filled with ambition because I was ready to recreate the costumes, yet, I’m starting to give up on this idea at the “perfect time” (Halloween is right around the corner, remember?). I’ll think of something, that’s for sure.

This weekend was one of the most unforgettable weekends yet: I was able to experience the real fall. When I was growing up in Ukraine, I was not able to witness the real fall: as soon as the summer ended,  leaves would start falling off the trees. But here, in New York City and the other Northeastern states, you are actually able to witness every single step of fall. The leaves evolve from green to bright yellow, then to the orange-gold, and finally, they turn into the yellow-brown combination. Definitely, there are more colors in this palette: various shades of red, a variety of stages of green, and finally, the many stages of yellow. Simply wonderful!

As for the outfit choice, I decided to pair a tulle midi skirt with my favorite fuzzy, baby pink sweater. As for my choice of shoes, I took a chance, and went for a hit of punk in my girly outfit by wearing my favorite Aldo boots. My makeup had a sharp edge to it due to the fact that I had dark purple lips, yet, my eye makeup was natural. Wasn’t that dark after all!

Change is difficult at times, yet, it is good. You never really know what might the outcome of it. It might be the best decision you have probably ever made, or it might not be such a great step, but it teaches you a lesson. Cutting your bangs might seem so simple and easy, but, you never know the outcome of how they will look like on you. Whether or not they will shape your face and emphasize your features, they will still be a decision that will serve you as a lesson: keep them or grow them out. Overall, just changing can invite more and fresh opportunities into your life, and who knows, maybe it will be one of the best experiences of your lifetime.

Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked. Wicked.

Outfit Details: Fuzzy sweater-Forever 21, Tulle Skirt-Ebay.com, Booties-Aldo, Magazine Clutch-TJ Maxx, Earrings-Forever 21, Statement Necklace-H&M.

Thank You for reading, and have an amazing day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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