The Golden Hour

The Golden Hour

Hello, my fellow readers!

The Golden Hour.

So, so glad to be back and typing! Probably the best thing I have ever done for myself is create this blog speaking of which, I will add more content to it once the school days will turn into holidays and vacations.

Lately, I have been noticing how stylish New Yorkers are. Most of you probably already know that, however, as I’m growing older, I’m starting to pay very close attention to style and people. It’s actually surprising to me: I come from a European city-Odessa, where every girl, if she gets a chance to go food shopping, will put on her best stilettos, face full of make up, and of course, don’t forget about that stunning dress or outfit that makes her look a million and one dollars! So for me to notice how fashionable New York is, is a big deal, no egocentrism involved-promise! Also, you might think that “Hello Sophia, DUH! You live in the fashion capital,” I do live in the fashion capital, yet, I haven’t payed attention to it as much as I should.

On the other hand, fashion is not the only thing I have started to pay attention to! My closet-that’s the attention grabbing few square feet that I’m planning to completely reconstruct and redesign. Life is too short to have a white, basic closet!

Although this post has nothing to do with New York fashion, nor my closet, I’m going to switch the tune and focus on my theme for these photographs. I was inspired by the color gold, and also, Thanksgiving and Christmas are right around the corner! I still cannot believe it! So for my look of the day, I decided to wear my favorite golden skirt with a white sweater. In order to add more celebration, I accessorized with one of my favorite statement necklaces that screams fall to me, and my brand new pair of sunglasses. In order to complete my fall-inspired look, I added my booties, as well as my black, go-to bag. The day was pretty warm for a fall day, yet, I needed a pit of tights to keep me cozy.

In summation, life is full of little corners that you might not pay attention to, however, you never know what might be there! Also, celebrate every season as often as you can because each season is charming and heartfelt no matter what the weather outside is. Life is just like the seasons: it has it’s rainy days, but after the rain, don’t you feel any kind of freshness? And just like the seasons and the days, life has its sunny moments that you need to cherish as often as possible. Stay positive, my friends!

The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour.The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour.The Golden Hour. The Golden Hour.

Outfit Details: Top-Forever 21, Skirt-H&M (Similar Here: H&M Sequined Skirt), Boots-Aldo (Similar Here: Aldo Leather Ankle Boots), Tights-Hue, Handbag-H&M, Necklace-Century 21, Sunglasses-Kenneth Cole Reaction.

Thank you for reading, and have a great end to the week!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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