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Killer Heels

Killer Heels

Hello, my fellow readers!

Killer Heels

If you have been wondering, or maybe if you haven’t, to where have I gone this past weekend, I’ll tell you the story. This past weekend was incredible. Due to the fact that I’m located in New York City, thousands and thousands of exhibitions occur each year. Well, if you are one of my fellow readers, or even if you’re a new one (Welcome :)), I tend to visit a lot of exhibitions of various sorts. Especially, fashion exhibitions. Guess what’s the most interesting part? I post them all here, on my wonderful fashion-inspired creative outlet.

The exhibition that I was so ecstatic to visit this weekend was Killer Heels, presented at the Brooklyn Museum. Sponsored by Nordstrom and W Magazine, Killer Heels is a genuine success. The whole exhibit seems to be magical under dim lights, guided by glass cases which contain some of the most original, painful, and gorgeous heels, I have ever seen in my life, and all of this is contained in big rooms that are interconnected by small hallways.

To give you more of a visual representation, the exhibit seems to be gloomy at first because of the aforementioned lighting and atmosphere, however, as you walk into the first hall, you are shown a quite interesting, confusing, and in my opinion, not-a-very-shoe-related video. It’s just there to set the mood and most likely make the visitor wonder what’s awaiting ahead. As you pass by, you end up in a different hall, which is an open space to a room filled with the first collection of shoes that’s presented in the exhibit. You are shown a simple video by Lyall Coburn in which, a model, is attempting to put on the “scariest shoes” which are designed by Leanie van der Vyver. These heels actually do correspond to their name, and they look more than just painful. But as you leave the video, you fall into a room full of classic and contemporary, phenomenal designs. Christian Dior, Delman, United Nude, Miu Miu, and other iconic designers are on display in the first showroom.

As for the rest of the exhibition, most of it takes place in one grand space that incorporates Loubotin, Charlotte Olympia, Marabou Mules, Manolo Blahnik, Giuseppe Zanotti, and more wonderful creators. Yet, that is not all. Besides the contemporary and classic heels of the 20th and the 21st centuries, there are creations of the 17th-18th centuries, which seem to be unbelievable because those exact heels have served as an inspiration for many designers of our century. Just when I thought the exhibit was over, which I was very displeased about because I couldn’t believe it was so short, I have found another showroom where I got to witness more of the incredible creations for your feet. There were the shoes of the most extraordinary design, such as the heels created by Masaya Kushino, which are called “Sputniko!” Besides the fact that they look fascinating, they also have a valuable cause: Kushino has created shoes that will “heal” Fukushima after the tragedy of 2012. The shoes sow seeds into the ground with the every weighty step you might take. The seeds come out of the heel and plant deeper into the ground. Fantastic, isn’t it?

The closer to the end of the exhibit, the more you would like to explore. You have all of these emotions flowing through your mind, and I have gained inspiration just by visiting this exhibit. Yet, as you leave the exhibit, you have a chance to portray these feelings and emotions on a post-it! Many talented individuals have drawn something; unfortunately not me because guess who can’t draw? But if you ever get the chance to explore this wonderful exhibit, you should definitely do so because it will be interesting for all audiences (even my father liked it). I haven’t given you much detail in order to keep it interesting because what’s the point of spoiling something which can be seen differently through somebody else’s eyes even through pictures?








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P.S.: Some of the pictures do not contain captions in order to not ruin the picture, therefore, I’m going to list the designers and their designs in chronological order in the list below.

The list of the designers & their designs:

1) Charlotte Olympia, Mae West, Pre-Fall 2013

2) Viktor & Rolf, Mule, Spring/Summer 2012

3) Brian Atwood Sigrid, Spring/Summer 2013

4) Richard Braqo, Benedetta, 2012

5) Unknown

6) Prada, Sandal in Mango, Sabbia, and Palissandro Leather, Spring/Summer 2012

7) Maison Martin Margiela, Glass Slippers, Spring/Summer 2009

8) Zaha Hadid X United Nude, 2013.

Thank you so much for reading this lengthy post, and have a great day!

xoxo, Sophia from Fashion Caption.

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