Forest Fairy

Forest Fairy

Hello my fellow readers,DSC_0535

These past few days have been beyond glorious in New York City. The weather is at its sunniest and the temperature does not finally drop below 40F (5C). It is the perfect weather for biker jackets, funky pixie pants, lightweight cotton shirts, and vivid, bold colors (as displayed by my previous post).

The look that I’m ecstatic to present today is perfect for a warm spring day, however, if the wind brings some chills, the outfit can serve as a cozy protector. I have been playing around with my closet recently, and I have decided to be more bold and confident in what I wear. It can be tough at times because you do get some weird looks from strangers who are passing by, however, those are just strangers who you are probably seeing for the first and the last time throughout your lifetime. I’m not saying that I have lost my mind with outfit planning and I look like an out-of-season Christmas tree, but I would say that I’ve added more “me” into what I wear.

When I was putting this look together, I was, for some odd reason, thinking of nature and not the big city that I’m usually used to. I thought of all the greenery which will pop-up in a short while, of all the blossoming flowers of numerous pastel colors, and gorgeous sunrises and sunsets, especially the New York City ones. This mesmerizing blend of ideas has led to me looking like the actual me: the sparkly, bombastic me. Yet, guess what? I love that me.

Besides, the coat that I have chosen to wear is such a steal because of its intricate design yet low price. Lately, H&M has been the top of my shop-list, and I must say, their quality is brilliant. However, it also depends on which line of H&M you’re purchasing or looking at. The cheapest items, as most of you know, tend to be the poorly-made, polyester pieces. Yet, the higher the prices-the greater the fabric. But once again, there could always be exceptions to the rules.

My whole outfit reminded me of something enchanted, something as if it was written about in fairy tales, and that was the moment when I realized that I would like to shoot this in the most naturalistic place I know. Fortunately, one place I cherish is Sands Point Preserve, Port Washington. The residence of the Guggenheims, the Sands Point Preserve Beach, and the 216 acre-park are collected in one splendid place. My mind was going there, and my legs were leading the way.

Is there anything that is better than nature? New York City might be. Yet, sometimes even I, the person who loves New York City more than her hometown, need a break from the noise and air pollution. Nature is where your mind rests, and the city is where your mind works.









Outfit Details: Coat-H&M, Sweater-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Jeans-Zara (Similar Here), Booties-Aldo (Similar Here), Necklace-Forever 21 (Old, but similar here), Earrings-Accessorize (Similar Here).

Thank You so much for reading, and have a wonderful day.

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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