The Girl In a Black Jumpsuit

The Girl In a Black Jumpsuit

Hello my fellow readers,


It has been quite a while since I have updated my blog. I feel ashamed, truly, yet I’m beyond excited about the fact that two more days, and school will be over. That will mean only one thing: more time to focus on projects, blog posts, quality content, more updates on Instagram and Facebook, and boosting up the content in general. I love my blog with all of my heart, so I would never leave or delete the website (if you thought I quit, you were wrong, my friend).

I have been absent and there are explanations to why, however, I would rather focus on some of them, and share with you some life updates that occurred in the past two months while I was absent. I have completed a series of tests that had an enormous stretch from the beginning of May to the current time. Yesterday, actually, I have finally finished my last test of the year; feels great to say that. Besides, I have been making staunching attempts at posting quality content and establishing time frames with my photographers. They all seem to be so busy these days, which is frustrating because I cannot bring content as often. However, with a positive mindset, I think I have found the holy grail of time frames, so hopefully, from now on, I will be posting often, considering it is finally summer time. In addition, I have been working on quality, which is something I have been striving for for the past year. It pains me to say it, but it is very difficult to translate your vision for the person behind the camera. I have been working on that, and the results will be on display as soon as possible. That is the promise I’m not only making to you, my fellow readers, but also to myself.

Now that I have shared with you the major details of the past two months, I’m happy to be absorbed by writing once again. I love writing articles, and you probably have noticed that since all of my work is quite long yet it contains all my effort and thought. Writing and photography are the two creative outlets that disconnect me from reality and all the constant speed of New York, and cause me to open my most interesting and sometimes secretive sides.

Today’s post takes place in West Village, one of my personal favorites of the borough of Manhattan. It has a very cozy and comfortable feel to it, while having a layer of the hidden corners of Europe and the old New Amsterdam. West Village is a place where one can find themselves on the High Line, browsing the menu of People’s Pops (organic ice cream shop), or jumping like a little kid in a space designated for a big puddle of clean water where one could step on it when it is a burning hot summer day. Then, you witness a side where each food lover will love to be: the Chelsea Market or the middle of 9th Avenue that is intersecting with Gansevoort Street. New York breathes food, and the taste and quality are a grand deal.

As for my outfit, I decided to wear my summer staple: a jumpsuit. I adore (I’m not over exaggerating here) jumpsuits and rompers during the summer, so for me, a quality jumpsuit is not a joke. I love the free feeling of the jumpsuit: it is effortless to put on, and it gives you more freedom than boyfriend jeans or sweatpants. Plus, a jumpsuit is always a better idea than sweatpants. Besides, my outfit was dark, I must admit, but there is some mystery that I like about it. My gold and black, perfume shaped crossbody bag was a great choice for a city outfit, while flats are a wise idea when you have to do a lot of walking.

As for my hair, I parted it down the middle and braided the two separate parts, while keeping my bangs on my face. I’m in a current situation of growing out my bangs, which might make me look as if I need a haircut. But trust me, it’s all a process.






Outfit Details: Jumpsuit-H&M (Similar Here), Crossbody bag-ALDO, Earrings-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Flats-Steve Madden (Similar Here).

Thank You for reading, and have an awesome day!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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