New York Fashion Week

NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 Street Style

NYFW Spring/Summer 2016 Street Style

Hello my fellow readers,


As the fashion madness of fashion week has come to a close, I’m posting the promised street style collection of photographs from the New York Fashion Week’s showing of Spring/Summer 2016 collections. Once again, I was able to travel to Manhattan, and shoot a series of photographs that I personally find inspiring and beautiful.

The New York Fashion Week is like a drug: you go once, and you are addicted forever. I love everything about it: from the craziness to the ambiance because it is always so uplifting and inspiring in so many various ways. Fashion week is like the Statue of Liberty for the tourists: just as breathtaking and eye-opening. It always has a fresh look, and you always stumble upon a brand new aspect of it.

This season, as you will notice, the setting did take place at a different location, which is unfortunate because it doesn’t provide much “photographing” space, yet, it does provide a greater space for all the occurring shows. However, the locations did vary, having exactly three different “hot spots” in-between which the sound of heels meeting the ground was heard from miles away.

The rush to the shows, the rush from the shows to the hotel rooms, the parked black jeeps with drivers waiting patiently inside them-all of this is the unseen part of fashion week. Therefore, this time I have decided to translate the unseen parts of the fashion week’s street style through the camera lens. Thus, I present to you the New York Fashion Week Spring/Summer 2016 Street Style gallery.

IMG_8383 IMG_8375 DSC_0838 IMG_8386 IMG_8385 DSC_0837 IMG_8380 IMG_8381 IMG_8382 IMG_8384 IMG_8379 IMG_8369 IMG_8387 IMG_8370 IMG_8366 IMG_8365 IMG_8372 IMG_8377 IMG_8364 IMG_8371IMG_8363 IMG_8362 IMG_8358 IMG_8346 IMG_8361 IMG_8367 IMG_8347 IMG_8321 IMG_8323 IMG_8329 IMG_8328 IMG_8327 IMG_8345 IMG_8325 IMG_8322 IMG_8324 IMG_8315 IMG_8316 IMG_8305 IMG_8313 IMG_8304 IMG_8317 IMG_8318 IMG_8299 IMG_8301 IMG_8302 IMG_8300 IMG_8297 IMG_8303 IMG_8296 IMG_8289 DSC_0891 IMG_8292 IMG_8294 IMG_8312 IMG_8354 IMG_8368 IMG_8355 IMG_8359 IMG_8349 IMG_8348IMG_8357 IMG_8360 IMG_829812011510_1055246511166601_1188933449_o (1)

Thank You for reading, and have a beautiful day.

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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