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As fall has begun and the first leaves have started falling off of the fading green trees, piles of homework and tests have begun filling up my binder and planner. It gets more difficult to post on Instagram and the blog more often, however, with scheduling the posts and creating more content, the situation can be rescued.

Today’s post I wanted to make a bit nostalgic yet, talk about attitude.

When I was growing, I was always “Miss Sunshine”: I never talked back to anybody, I was always very ecstatic about anything,  I was too scared and weak to stand up for myself, and I was too afraid to go out into the world and experience it. I was all about being kind and nice to everybody (which hasn’t changed), however, if someone would not have respected me or was kind to me, I would be okay with it. But, as freshman year or 9th grade came around, I started to change, become a more mature young lady, who was gradually developing thick skin and the right attitude. I realized that I cannot be all, “rainbows and unicorns” toward everybody, so I decided it was time to change and mature. As time passed, I learned how to hustle, what it might take to make it, and now that I’m looking toward college and completing college-related processes, I feel as if I reached that point in my life where I can have the right attitude, yet, still have a piece of “Miss Sunshine” in me. All it takes is proper balance and understanding of wisdom.

Just like in fashion, balance is key. If you have one vivid pattern, you cannot wear another vibrant pattern that will not, in any way, match the other pattern. Something has to connect and complement the two: whether it’s an accessory or color, an outfit has to have its key to balance. You make a statement without it being an utterly dramatic one. The same concept could be applied to attitude: there is no need to be rude to display your confidence, yet, there needs to be an understanding of what you deserve. As long as you know what you deserve, but you don’t flaunt it around, you have the right attitude.

Know your self-worth, be wise and clever, yet, do not forget to respect others! The same principal applies to your outfit: respect each piece without one not tolerating the other.

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Outfit Details: Blazer-H&M, T-Shirt-Zara (Similar Options: Here & Here), Pants-Max&Co, Flats-Aldo (Similar Options: Here, Here, & Here), Bracelet-Tiffany&Co, Watch-Coach, Earrings-A gift (Similar Options: Here & Here).

Thank You so much for reading, and enjoy your weekend!

xoxo, Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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