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As New Yorkers are gradually adapting to the ever changing temperatures, I am getting a hang of how to look great even if it is freezing outside. As silly as it sounds, one of the goals of mine that I reestablish every winter has been to dress warm yet, still manage to express myself through clothing. I am simply tired of the severely-bruised parka, which has become a symbol of the New York winter, and I am over the “Michelin Man” look, which is often associated with the giant puffy jackets. Don’t get me wrong-there is nothing wrong with a parka or a puffy jacket-in fact, I own one-but just because they’re comfortable doesn’t always mean that they can elevate your mood and make you feel fantastic.

Here’s the thing: I wear clothing in order to express myself, my personality, and my interests. Clothing is a tool of recognition; it allows individuals to identify their friends or acquaintances in a crowded public place, but it also allows you, as an individual, to stand out and reveal yourself just by wearing something you truly love.

I’ve spoken about this many times before, but contradictory to my path of choosing fashion journalism, I was actually afraid to express myself through clothes for a while. My process of getting dressed in the morning had always consisted of thoughts, such as: “If I wear this dress, will I be looked at in a bizarre manner?” or “Is this crazy for society?” until, as if in an instant, I had this moment of “I don’t care about anyone else’s opinion but my own.” It is very liberating to stop caring about opinions, trust me.

As my attitude has begun changing, so did my closet. I went from trying to hide the best pieces in the back of my closet to wearing them almost every day because they made me feel confident, strong, and powerful. Clothing is a materialistic concept yet, it is capable of changing a mindset, which is why I love fashion and what it stands for: self-expression.

The coat that I am wearing in this article has quickly become my favorite: it is stunning yet different, warm yet statement-making. It makes me feel confident, which is why it has become the first item of choice for me when it comes down to building outfits in the winter. I believe every woman, disregarding her age or body type, should own at least one piece that makes her feel irresistible. Something that won’t just better one’s self-esteem, but will also provide courage and confidence for the person who’s wearing that special item. Wear what you like ladies because you only have one life to do this ❤️.

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Photography by Vanessa Flores.

Outfit Details: Faux-Fur Coat-H&M (Similar Options Here, Here, & Here) Turtleneck-Asos, Jeans-H&M, Knee-boots-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Handbag-Michael Kors (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Sunglasses-Forever 21, “Hand” Ring-Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here; unfortunately, I couldn’t find an identical one), Stacking Rings-H&M (Similar Here & Here).


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