La Petite Parisienne

La Petite Parisienne

Hello my fellow readers,


In theory, it might be “spring,” but in practice, New York is not quite in the complete state of spring just yet. The temperatures have been playing games with my wardrobe, causing me to wear a biker jacket on a Friday night, and a coat on Saturday afternoon. The constant variation in temperatures is not frustrating; it’s more of a hustle of choosing outfits and the impatience to finally complete the spring cleaning process of my wardrobe.

Whether it’s the ever-changing weather, or just because New York is known for the love of wearing this particular color, I have been wearing head-to-toe black ensembles recently. Although some individuals state that all-black is “boring,” I find it to be my experimentation color. It allows me to play with my accessories or my shoes, not letting a single jewel go to waste or a single shoe be left alone in the shoe box. It’s a color that seems gloomy to some, but is a favorite to others, bringing out various characters in different people. On someone, black looks as a color of “cool,” marching along with the whole rock-n-roll vibe, meanwhile on others, it looks chic and elegant.  It all depends on the pairing and your play with it.

Recently, I have been missing Paris more than ever. Whether it is because my Instagram following is flooded with Parisian photographers, or because I’ve been in a nostalgic mood, I have been craving the delicious taste of Paris. Therefore, what is the most stereotypical item of clothing to describe French citizen’s wardrobe? A beret. Fortunately for me, I am a lucky owner of one, and it was time to pull it out of the “Hats” box in my closet.

A beret is “a round, flattish cap of felt or cloth,” according to Google, however, it is much more than that. A beret is a perfect cover up from wind, cold, and rain, and its origin dates back to early cultures on the Greek island of Crete, around 1500 BC. In addition, there are many versions of the origin of the beret, varying from the biblical to medieval times yet, this version of a headgear rose to fame during the Middle Ages. A beret kept warmth-in and hair-out of the face, and its brim never interrupted a shooter’s aim.

Besides its history and practicality, a beret has been pronounced as a “need” in the French wardrobe by many fashion publications when I was growing up, and still is considered to be one of the “must-have” items in order to get your petite Francaise on. What is a great thing about a beret is the numerous ways it can be styled in. Either worn with a coat, like I have here, or with a blouse or a black turtleneck, a beret is as great for anyone or any style tastes and preferences.

My look is a combination of a New Yorker and a tiny, but famous, French clothing item. To this pairing, I’ve added a touch of me by wearing some golden accessories to create and complete a look, which is always important to remember. Clothing is never to be simply put on; it is meant to create a specific look for oneself, and to express their persona through it.

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Photography by Vanessa Flores.

Outfit Details: Beret-SIX (Similar Here), Coat-H&M (Similar Here & Here), Turtleneck-Uniqlo, Skirt-Zara (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Tights-HUE, Boots-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Crossbody-Kate Spade, Cuff-Purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here), Earrings-Forever 21 (Similar Here). 

Thank you for reading, and have a gorgeous day.

Yours truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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