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NYC Diary:: Greenpoint

NYC Diary:: Greenpoint

Hello my fellow readers,

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It has been quite a while since I have posted any content on the blog yet, I have managed to finish up plenty of business outside of my virtual reality. I have gotten into the college of my dreams, published a magazine, released a newspaper, and am still working part-time, as well as going to school full-time. However, I love my blog, and releasing new content feels liberating; it lets me take a deep breath from the physical reality and pour myself into my passion: writing.

If you have been following my blog for quite a while, you have most likely stumbled upon a section titled, “NYC Diary.” NYC Diary was a section that I have begun because I was always curious to see more of New York, to witness more of its beauty, and to be capable to photograph and write about it as well. NYC Diary served as the perfect opportunity for me to do just that. It allowed me to stand behind the camera and share my viewpoint with you, the reader, yet it was also a mini break from all the fashion posts that were coming your way. Besides, sharing my favorite locations, or discovering something new as I am continuing this section helps me reinvent myself, experiment with my style, and bring more beautiful and high quality content to the blog.

Today’s post is taking place in one of the well-known New York neighborhoods, which is located in Brooklyn, however, it also connects the borough of Queens to the borough of Brooklyn. Greenpoint, one of the most famous immigrant neighborhoods, freezes time in order for others to explore it, leaving people wandering for more. Polish immigrants were one of the greatest influencers on the area, due to the fact that Greenpoint changed its course from being a farmland to a more industrial area, with rope factories and lumber yards becoming popular workplaces for all the incoming migrants.

Some of the reminders of the Industrial Revolution have been so far kept in the area, but the upcoming rise of Brooklyn and its gentrification are resulting in more upgrades. The region is becoming more and more clustered with people, and it is clearly noticeable, especially if one browses the area carefully; the changes are quite significant, so the contrast between the old Greenpoint and the new Greenpoint is utterly sharp.

The exact location at which these photos were taken was closer located to the border between two famous Brooklyn neighborhoods: Williamsburg and Greenpoint. This specific area, or rather the border line, is a truly interesting site for many native New Yorkers, as well as tourists. It presents time-frozen streets with brand new skyscrapers being built right in-between them. It displays an old-school kind of graffiti next to a brand new advertisement that is physically drawn on the wall rather than just printed. It portrays the change that has and gradually is taking over the area.

The residents of the area and its surroundings are expressing their thoughts, ideas, and opinions about the changes in the neighborhood and in the world through their bold artworks, which can be seen at various different locations in various different interpretations. Yet, Greenpoint and the borderline between itself and Williamsburg is just as special as New York City itself, and it will forever be the desired place for artists, musicians, and writers to maintain a hold of.

This post will be just the first part of the Brooklyn area posts, so stay tuned for more. As of now, I present to you the contrasts of Greenpoint 💚.

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Photography by me.

Thank you so much for reading, and have a fabulous Tuesday.

Yours truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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