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Hello my fellow readers,IMG_2939Ahhh, fashion week. The most hectic, fascinating, and popular event in the fashion business. Millions of Instagram posts, thousands of articles, and hundreds of rumors regarding designers and collections, all compromise just a tiny bit of what New York fashion week actually is. It is the event where thousands of people are involved in order to turn their dreams into reality. Whether it’s done by designers, who create and produce their product, or by a great collection of garment workers, who actually sew and manufacture the product to be put on the runway, or by interns, who tape and sew the final threads and pieces backstage ten minutes before the show, fashion week is-in essence-a gathering of brilliant, crazy individuals who tend to do anything to let their dreams come alive. To say that I am honored to be one of the people in this bunch would be an understatement.

As some of you may know, fashion doesn’t just happen on the runway; it is mostly portrayed on the street. Photographers, stylists, designers, interns, bloggers, PR workers, journalists, editors, and passer-bys-all of these people tend to express themselves through clothing, thus putting together the best possible ensembles. Throughout my life, I’ve heard numerous people state that true fashion happens on the streets. I didn’t quite believe in that statement until I moved to New York, and especially, after I started shooting street style in 2015.

NYFW is a magical experience. Yes, I am bias due to the fact that I love fashion and I am deeply interested in it, however, a person, who might not be “into fashion,” will even find fashion week to be a quite breathtaking experience. Whether you’re a photographer who is standing on the street, waiting for the next big-name influencer to show up, or whether you’re a volunteer, who is helping to tape the model’s dress to her cleavage in order for everything to stay in place, fashion week creates this bizarre yet mesmerizing family. After all, whose family is not bizarre?

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Photography by me.

Thank you for reading, and have a wonderful day.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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