New York Fashion Week

NYFW Sherri Hill Spring 2017 BTS

NYFW Sherri Hill Spring 2017 BTS

Hello my fellow readers,


Although New York Fashion Week came to a close a week ago, the memories from various experiences still remain. If you have been following my blog for a while, you have already seen my previous street style posts, however, this year I was able to not just photograph street style, but also, go behind the scenes of a fashion show. As hectic as the experience was, it was also one of the best moments in my entire life.

Sherri Hill-the famous designer behind all the glamorous and desirable prom and black tie dresses-is many young ladies’ dream to wear. When I was in high school, Sherri Hill was one of my ultimate dream designers for a prom dress yet, little did I know that I would have an opportunity of working at her show.

Let me take a lengthy, but interesting moment, and focus on the show and the preparation behind it. First, you are dressed in all black-my natural habitat-for formality reasons, and then you spend 3 hours prior to the show, getting ready by memorizing your assigned tasks, and assisting others by organizing and putting last-minute touches on the details of the show. The work that goes into a 15 minute runway display of designer’s work could be described in two words: beautiful chaos. I have always thought that shows were planned months in advance-from the clothing to seating charts yet, it is all a last-minute event. Clothing is glued and sewn together 10 minutes before the show starts, seating charts are finalized right before guests walk in, and the environment changes its ambiance from chaotic to put-together in a matter of a minute. It’s all hectic, but it’s beautiful, and the final product is definitely worth some nerve cells.

Fashion week is filled with opportunities for any fashionista to volunteer and work, and this year, I was capable of grabbing onto one of those opportunities. Thankfully to a PR firm that was curating parts of the show, I singed up to be a “celebrity escort,” whose tasks consist of guiding their assigned celebrity to the red carpet and then, to their reserved seat. My celebrity was a very sweet and humble young lady-Stella Hudgens, who I was very anxious to meet and greet, however, at the end of the evening, I realized there wasn’t much to worry about. Stella was one of the most amiable celebrities I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting, which made the experience even more pleasurable. Celebrities are people, after all.

The runway is a fairytale, by which stars (celebrities) gather, press’s lights flash, and a 15-minute display of creations is presented. It’s an experience that manages to unite various types of people-journalists, photographers, influencers, designers, PR assistants, makeup assistants, runway technicians—in one space. It’s an event that made me experience a range of emotions-from anxiety to excitement-and it was an experience that could not be compared to anything. It’s always great to observe the show and look at the designs, but participating in the process that produces the final product exposes oneself to a completely different aspect of the runway, one that is not open to the general public, yet one that displays the result to the world.

PS. Due to the fact that I was working the show, I was able to witness some of it from the back row, however, the image and video quality are not the best due to the fact that I did not bring my camera with me. Apologies in advance for not the best video quality.

img_8204img_8176 img_8178 img_8030

Photography by me & Johana.

Videography by me.

Thank you for reading, and have a joyful Saturday.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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