Back to Black

Back to Black

Hello my fellow readers,


I am more than happy to be back and to be writing a brand new post once again! Since the last post, the weather has dramatically cooled down, therefore, it is the perfect time to store away the sundresses, and hang up all of the blazers, biker jackets, and trench coats. Besides, it feels great to know that if you hold and drink a hot cup of coffee, you won’t be burning the palm of your hand and won’t be sweating bullets (#grosstruth). Fall is a magical season; for many Americans, fall includes holidays, such as Halloween and Thanksgiving, and little events, such as apple and pumpkin pickings, and hot apple cider while on your weekend walk in a park. Yet, for fashionistas like me, fall includes a seasonal game of “Let’s flip the entire wardrobe of mine,” and sell everything and buy everything to replace the old everything (Are you following?) Anyhow, fall is a beautiful season, and just like the weather has a right of dressing up and changing itself, a true woman herself has equal powers.

If you have been following my style for a while, you will see a similar pattern develop: classical pieces, mixed in with possibly crazy faux-furs, and some bold lip. However, you would definitely never see me wearing something more laid back and sporty. I would always aim for pieces that are closer to Chanel rather than Alexander Wang. Yet, since I have dived into a different environment, especially an environment that is fashion-oriented, I have been browsing stores, flea markets, and thrift shops in order to find pieces that I loved without having to overthink if they were matching my style to the T. But, just like fall is playing around with the weather, I am playing around with my clothes, and for this particular post, I’ve decided to channel this sporty, laid back yet bold look. Hair carelessly flipped to the side, some slip-ons, a black bomber jacket, and a bold red lip are all signs of the merging that is happening between my true style and this playful side of myself. If you had the opportunity of playing around with your closet, wouldn’t you do it?

This outfit would be the complete opposite of what I am used to, especially judging by the “Ms. Ostapenko” post, however, it is playful and it is different. It made me step out of my comfort zone and try something new. I believe a new outfit or a piece that you love, but usually wouldn’t go for is a mini-challenge to yourself. Therefore, I would like to close out this post by stating several things. Challenge yourself; whether through wearing something you thought you would never wear before, or buying something that makes you feel the happiest-do it. Second, explore things outside of your comfort zone. It is fun and you get to open up your horizons and widen your perspectives (just be safe and have a clear mind while doing so). Third, believe in yourself. Gather your inner strength and be confident in what you’re doing. Forget opinions for a moment,
and just enjoy being yourself!

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Outfit Details: Bomber jacket-Beacon’s Closet (Similar Options Here & Here), Jumpsuit-H&M (Similar Here & Here) , Slip-ons-Ted Baker (Similar Options Here & Here), Backpack-Rebecca Minkoff (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Sunglasses-Beacon’s Closet (Similar Options Here, Here, & Here), Rings-Forever 21, Earrings-Forever 21, Lipstick-NYX in Monte Carlo.

Photography by Vladislava Ostapenko.

Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous Friday!

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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