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College Fashion Week

College Fashion Week

Hello my fellow readers, 

Although the insane fashion month has wrapped up around the world, that doesn’t necessarily mean that fashion week has stopped everywhere. Living in New York exposes you to many various opportunities, and one of them, especially relevant to me this year is College Fashion Week. 

College Fashion Week is not a week, disregarding the title, but a night of young designers presenting their creations to an audience of college students, who are also fashion bloggers, photographers, aspiring designers, and simply, individuals who are interested in fashion and the behind-the-scenes work. Just like the New York Fashion Week, it serves the great opportunity of meeting new people in the industry and outside of it, presenting various networking options for starters, and it gives a little glimpse into how traditional fashion week functions. It’s the opening act before a grand show. 

I found out about the event through the website and wonderful people at the Heartbeat app, who invited me to witness the show. College students have the opportunity of attending the event, whether through purchasing or registering as press for tickets, or partnering with agencies in order to receive Press or VIP tickets. However, if the space allows, you are also able to purchase the tickets online, if you are interested in the event. As I arrived, I proceeded to the Check-In, and obtained my gift bag, which was filled with goodies from tights to low-calorie popcorn, yet you are also capable of finding out more about sponsors at the location due to various sponsor stands that are presented at the show. Haven’t done your makeup? No worries, because a stand with professional makeup artists will aid in creating a look or fixing your own. Parched? You can grab a box of Boxed Water, and Instagram the innovative packaging later. Would like a light dessert? Insomnia Cookies are served just for you and your appetite. College Fashion Week is just like Fashion Week, only for starters. 

After your mood has set for the rest of the night, the show begins. There are four designers, presenting eight looks each. From “Carnival Style” to Sequined Pullovers, there was something for everyone. The shows flow, from one to another, with fifteen minute breaks in between for you to walk around and enjoy the venue, or as many did, take the most “Instagram-eligible” photo. When you have accomplished all of your tasks set for the break, you were asked to be seated and maintain your patience for the next show.

I am a writer yet I am also honest, and therefore, I shall declare the following: I expected more from the designers. The pieces that were presented were great-surely, but they were not something I haven’t seen in my lifetime. Yet, it’s a start, and I will say that I did enjoy the way the shows were conducted. Instead of models-college students; instead of flawless contour-some lip balm and mascara (a refresher from the current reality, not the Fashion Week runway); instead of quiet and solemn atmosphere-a cheery, upbeat atmosphere filled with female empowerment. What’s not to love about that? 

As the show was coming to a close, so was the plate of cookies disappearing, and the lines to fix up the guests’ makeup were diminishing. When the event ended, lines to the exit door were expanding, and people were rushing to leave-all of them filled with emotions and feelings from what they have just witnessed. Indeed, what a flow of joy it was-at least for me. 

College Fashion Week is definitely similar to the traditional New York Fashion Week, as it is intended, however, it is much more than the fashion world. It is the ambiance of female empowerment in one room; it is the cheer and the joy of real college students who were models, designers, and attendees; it is the gathering of creative, passionate, and diligent working individuals in one two-story space. If there’s one thing that everybody was capable of walking away with, it would most likely be inspiration. Whether the inspiration to not give up on one’s dreams, or the inspiration in what to style for their next outfit, each individual in the room received the experience, and along with it the inspiration to be and do more. College Fashion Week-the girls-run-the-world event, in the words of one and only, Beyoncé. 

img_8314 img_8340 img_8312

Photography by me & Johana.

Videography by me.

Special “Thank You” to the app Heartbeat for providing me with this opportunity.

Outfit Details: Biker Jacket-JCrew (Similar Here & Here), Dress-Zara, Beret-Forever 21, Boots-Aldo (Similar Here & Here), Crossbody bag-Kate Spade, Keychain-Michael Kors (Similar Here).
Thank you for reading, and have a joyful Saturday.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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