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The Day After: Election of 2016

The Day After: Election of 2016

Hello my fellow readers,


On Tuesday, November 8th, 2016, the presidential election was finally happening. After a year of rallies, debates, polls, and political articles, the United States and the world would finally find out who will become the 45th president. A country divided by two candidate choices: Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump, would finally know who wins. Yet, what a heck of nervous train wreck it would be.

The polling results started flooding in around 10 pm, and one by one, the country found out which state is in favor of which candidate. Nail-biting, anxiety-driven results would cause mixed reviews for viewers and poll trackers, having Trump take the lead first, then Clinton gaining the lead, and raising the hopes of many of my acquaintances and friends, and then Trump grabbing it afterwards. With apps such as Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, people were sharing and tracking the results, and to my personal surprise, many college students my age, were rooting for Donald Trump. But, the not-so surprising part was the location of certain college campuses, which might clarify the political views of one or another supporter.

New York, the state in which I live, and New York City, the city where I go to school and work on the daily basis was pro-Clinton, for numerous reasons. Therefore, when the results arrived early Wednesday morning, the city fell into a coma. Walking to the train station and taking the train is always a more noisy, joyful experience. Although people haven’t gotten their caffeine yet, everyone seems to be prepared for the day ahead. This time, unfortunately, nobody felt the same.

On the train, people talk, laugh, read, listen to music, but this time around, everyone was just in their own, quiet and zoned-out bubble. No one was really laughing, talking, paying attention-it was all a blur. People were dazed, confused, upset, and some were just following their typical morning routine, but none of them really acted as they usually would. Students on my college campus were shocked, mainting the state of disbelief throughout the day yet, some were sleepless and exhausted, just trying to rush their day to its end.

Today I’m putting out an usual gallery of photos-filled with regular shots of NYC residents, NYC streets, and just simple, daily things that are a part of the usual routine, yet this time around, matters aren’t quite the same, and most likely won’t be expected to be.

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Photography by me.

I have never felt the way I feel now about New York.

Thank you, and have a great day.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption

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