Dancing in the Rain

Dancing in the Rain

Hello my fellow readers,

 With the launch of 2017 and my break from college still in function, I’ve decided to switch up my routine, and meet up with some old friends of mine. Meeting up with friends usually implies two things: 1) you have to wait for them to get there; 2) no matter the weather, I will still meet up with any of my close friends and acquaintances. However, New York is a magical place in which, even while you’re waiting for your friends to arrive, anything can happen.
The “anything” happened to me while I was standing, waiting in the rain near Columbus Circle, simply listening to The Weeknd’s latest album, and observing my surroundings when a young photographer approached me and asked to take my photo. The photo, or what eventually became a series of pictures, were done as a part of a series of pictures that were used for an Instagram meet up, organized by an account called, @pursuitofportraits. Kevin, the photographer, asked me to pose with my umbrella and makeup-free face, yet with a positive attitude, as well as the glee that resulted from waiting for my friend, even cold rain seemed to be fun to photograph in.
The series of pictures was produced by Kevin telling me to do something fun, such as jump around, or simply walk. But, my most familiar and natural instinct was to dance. My dancing roots date back to my ballet and contemporary dance experience, therefore, even when there might be no music playing (I turned off the music when I was approached), I will still dance around, rain or shine.
Although New York is a magical city, many “magical” things that take place in it result from one’s personal actions and perspectives. If I wasn’t standing outside and waiting in the rain, and instead would have gone into the nearest coffee shop, this quirky and beautiful series of photographs wouldn’t have occured. If I wasn’t willing to appreciate the rain, then my facial expressions on the photos would have definitely spoken louder than words. As a consequence, many “magical” situations that occur usually depend on one’s personal perspective. You can choose to dance in the rain, or frown in a coffee shop. I pick the first one.
Outfit Details: Coat-H&M (Similar Here, Here), Scarf-ASOS (Similar Here, Here & Here), Jeans-Zara, Boots-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Bowler hat-SIX (Similar Here & Here), Backpack-Rebecca Minkoff (Similar HereHere, & Here), Watch-Coach (Similar Here), Chain bracelet-Purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here & Here). 
Photography by Kevin and me.
Thank you for reading, and have a great day.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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