Hello my fellow readers,

Spring hasn’t arrived to New York City yet, however, you can definitely smell the notes of it in the air. The sun is finally out after several days of gray sky, cold wind, and snow storms. Yet, weather changes call for changes in my own life or in my own closet.

I often write about how I change my wardrobe, but when I change my wardrobe, I don’t simply mean changing my clothes or my style. For me, cleaning out the old and welcoming the new is a metaphorical representation of my inner and outer states. Whether I would like to change my outlook on life, or tone my body, or expose myself to more ideas, books, and life in general, clothing has always been the door to that different future self.

After almost 4 months of working in retail and wanting to change something in my life, I had decided to look through my closet. After a close inspection, I realized that black dominated in my wardrobe, because I had been wearing it to work every day. However, black is a practical color and getting rid off clothes was not something I was willing to do, thus I have decided that all I needed was a statement piece. A statement piece that will bring me joy: a bright pink coat.

A coat has always been considered a statement that could be both, powerful and easy-to-make, especially if you live in a cold area, such as New York. A coat can be both, warm and protective, but it could also be different and bright. The best part about living in New York in the cold season is that you don’t have to change your clothes or stop repeating outfits (I know, how dare I say this), but you can just buy a coat, or two, and look fresh and new again. A coat can be also classic and timeless, and for me, the color pink symbolizes timelessness as well.

The color pink has also gained popularity among Hollywood. Movies, such as Gentlemen Prefer Blondes, Pretty in Pink, and Legally Blonde, or red carpet gowns that have become iconic, such as the Oscar-winning Gwyneth Paltrow’s Ralph Lauren gown, all use pink as a dominant color. It’s a color of confidence, elegance, and courage. Even on the runway, although in the past several seasons, pink has been the governing color of various garments: from coats to lingerie.

Although a color is simply a color, it is interesting how it could quickly revive an individual after winter hibernation. After staying off the blog for a few weeks, I felt the need to come out of the winter hibernation, and my way of doing so was to buy a bright coat. Besides, for me to leave the winter blues behind and enter the opposite end of the mood swing is to buy a new statement piece, listen to good music, and get productive again. Sometimes, that is all you need to change your perspective in an instant. You just might get a sense of revival.

Outfit Details: Coat-TopShop, Turtleneck-Uniqlo, Pants-H&M (Similar Here & Here), Ankle boots-Michael Kors (Similar Here), Sunglasses-Derek Lam purchased at Beacon’s Closet (Exact Match Here), Pearl necklace-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Watch-Coach, Crossbody bag-Kate Spade.

Photography by Vanessa Flores

Videography by Vanessa Flores

Thank you for reading, and have a good Monday.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.


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