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NYC Diary:: Jazz Age Lawn Party

NYC Diary:: Jazz Age Lawn Party

Hello my fellow readers,

It has been a while since I have last posted on the blog. With the end of the school year, and the beginning of my day-time job, I have been keeping myself quite busy. However, I have also been planning my summer days by attempting to figure what each day holds for me. Of course, one could never truly know what an upcoming day holds, thus I am leaving room for a few surprises! With all the planning and excitement in the air, I have decided to make one of my long-time dreams come to life: to attend the Jazz Age Lawn Party. The party, which is held every year at the Governor’s Island, is one of the most exciting and exquisite events of the summer. It is one of the events that allows anyone to transform themselves into a character from the 1920s. Whether you would like to become a flirtatious flapper or a “big-timer” for a day, this is the opportunity to bring out your inner Gatsby glam.

The party takes place in June and August, taking up two weekends every year. It lasts from 11 am until 5 pm, or until you are tired of dancing the day away and feasting. The entrance costs anywhere from $45 for an Early Bird, General Admission ticket, to a $5000 ticket for a large group of people, who is provided with a tent and other amenities, as well as gifts. Although it is a party, it should be noted that it is first and foremost, a picnic. If you, as an attendee, would like a comfortable seating spot, you should consider bringing a picnic blanket. There is also an opportunity to either buy food at the event, which could cost anywhere from $10 to $100, depending on how much food you would like to purchase, as well as how much alcohol you would like to consume. Yet, if you are trying to have fun, but are unwilling to spend the mazuma, you are welcome to bring your own food, as long as there are no beverages, or any bottles for that matter (the security made my friend throw out her water bottle).

After you have put together your picnic, you are free to enjoy the party. The event takes place on a lawn in the beginning of Governor’s Island, with live jazz and swing to accompany your picnic. There are several tents set up on the sidelines of the lawn, in which you could purchase an embroided fan and a pair of sunglasses, or a boater hat and a pair of suspenders. There are also several tents, in which you could purchase tickets to either obtain food at the food tents, a bottle of rosé at the beverage tents, or take a photo with your partner in crime in a photobooth. In addition, there are two stages and two dance floors, and with Michael Arenella as the leading singer and the host of the event, you are more than encouraged to dance your heart out the old-fashioned way.

All the dancing, drinking, and eating does not compare to the main focal point of the event: the people. The people are one, if not the only, most interesting aspect of an event you could find. Although I have watched several movies from the era, I have never thought that I might see those movies come to life right before my eyes. I really did time travel. The astonishing outfits that the ladies and gentlemen have managed to wear to the event were mesmerizing, to say the least. They were colorful, glamorous, chic-everything you would expect from the twenties and more. As someone who grew up in a different country, where the 1920s were not such an enchanting time, being part of this experience was astounding. The party was an occasion where dressing up was not a requirement but rather, an added bonus; it was a time travelling experince, especially because many of the attendees didn’t just purchase outfits online, but wore some pieces that belonged to their grandparents in the Roaring Twenties. It is not something you could even compare to the magic of watching a film associated with the era; it has to be witnessed first hand.

The Jazz Age Lawn Party took my breath away and swept me off my feet. It was a beautiful event, with mesmerizing people and plenty of cultural history. If there is anything I would like to say to other New Yorkers, or to you, my fellow readers, is that this is worth attending. Yet, if you are not as passionate about the 1920s, I would suggest a regular, modern picnic. However, it is still worth attending and observing. I mean, on what other Saturday morning would I have had to take two subway lines and a boat, looking like a 1920s flapper without a piece of shame or shyness under my headband?



Outfit Details: Dress-Vijiv, Headband-Babeyond The Great Gatsby Inspired Headpiece, Heels-Ellie, Earrings-by Roz and Goldie Designs, Pochette-MaxMara (Similar Options Here & Here).

Photography by me.

Videography by me.

Thank you for reading, and have a glamorous week ;).

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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