An Open Letter to My Readers

An Open Letter to My Readers

Hello my fellow readers,

It has been more than a month since I have last posted on the blog. To say that I have been feeling upset about not being able to produce content and update the blog would be an understatement. However, there is a reason behind it all.

During that month and a half of absence, I also fell off the grid from my other social media platforms, such as Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. I have decided to take time out and focus on being present; comply to the concept of mindfulness. I was not feeling great about myself nor the blog. I felt as if my image on Instagram has become more artificial, which is not something I was originially aiming to do when I first created this website.

When I started out in the blogging world, I did not know what I was doing. I came to my high school English teacher, and told her that I wanted to start a blog on which I could showcase the style of the people, who were walking the streets of New York. I loved this city and I loved the people living in it, and I had an incredible urge to showcase how truly incredible the ambiance was. However, after starting the blog and entering the world of at-the-time new social medium, Instagram, I became more conscious about what I had to post. I began to think that I was not “blogging right”. I fell into the world of the instant scroll, whether on Instagram or somewhere in the depths of Google, where I saw bloggers-now-influencers, such as Kristina Bazan, Chiara Ferragni, and Aimee Song, creating content that was strictly based around themselves and their lifestyles. Fascinated by the amount of followers and likes they were starting to get, I started to think that I needed to change my strategy, and I started a blog about myself and my style.

Fashion Caption was launched in June of 2013. The blog looked nothing as we see it now. The background was a photo of the Eiffel Tower (ironic, since I wanted to focus on New York), and the whole blog had a narrow color scheme, consisting of pink, purple, and black (what was I thinking?). Yet, after a little less than a year of me not understanding what did I get myself into, I wanted to learn more. I began to think about how blogging works. “What is a blog?”, ‘What is blogging?”, “How do I blog?” were all the questions that were the last things on my mind before falling asleep, and the first things when I woke up.

I started working on my blog, and I was able to educate myself further, learning what widgets were and how to buy a domain. Eventually, I got down to business, and built a good-looking site. Yet, my posts were not as great as I wanted them to be. I wanted to start other categories, but I kept thinking that this is not how “proper” blogging should be. My family and friends were suggesting to launch things on the site and yet, instead of listening to them, I was thinking that all the big name influencers do not display that content.

However, I did decide to try something new. I launched NYC Diary and Fashion Exhibitions categories on my site. I began posting more about what is around me rather than what is on me. I still kept my “Lookbook” category afloat, but the blog was expanding in terms of its categories. After all, the blog began attracting more views and comments.

A year ago, I decided that photos were not cutting it. I stopped following all the “influencers” because their Instagram feeds began to look generic to me. I was not interested in seeing their content, and I decided that photos were boring. Thus, I asked my photographer and partner-in-crime to film videos of every outfit we were shooting. Not only did our shoots get longer, but it also took me more than two hours a day to edit (not complaining, though). At first, it felt great to be spending as much time doing what you love, except when life outside of the blog began, going to work, studying, and shooting at the same time, became more of a chore. Yet, my posts were my babies and after every click of the button “Publish”, it felt as if I was sharing my deepest, most favorite secret with the world.

However, when 2017 came around, I was not doing enough. I kept scrolling through my blog, trying to understand what was missing. I realized that I lost the original purpose that I once had when I first launched the site. I wanted to produce content that would make me happy. I wanted to use the blog as my writing and photography portfolio, but instead, I fell into the idea that blogging had to be profitable. I HAD to make money in order to quit my day job. I HAD to post often, not because I had so many great posts saved up, but because I wanted to post more in order to get more views which would bring attention. As ridiculous as it may sound, at one point I even aimed to become one of the influencers. I lost sight of the purpose of the blog and I fell into the idea that social media was real life.

Eventually, I decided to disappear. For a day, a week, a month-as long as I needed in order to understand that there is a life beyond likes, followers, and the Internet. I was starting to focus more on myself and my health, and although I would still fall into the trap of thinking that I needed to be of a certain size to put on a swimsuit, or I would check my social media platforms occasionally, I was still aiming to maintain my focus on being happy, healthy (emotionally and physically), and living in the present.

After a while, it got easier. The urgent feeling of picking up my phone to check Instagram (AGAIN) was gradually disappearing and I started to feel better. But, nothing is perfect and I still have a lot of work to do on that part of my life. However, rebuilding myself is helping me rebuild the relationship I once had with my blog. I am trying to write more for pleasure than for views. I am definitely not attempting to become an “influencer” any longer. I have decided that this blog is going to be beyond fashion. Of course, “captioning life in style” will still be the slogan of this site, however, the keyword here is life. I am going to live it and I will aim to share it with you.

Fashion Caption will remain a blog about fashion, and I will not be getting rid off any categories. Instead, I am going to not just add to the previously-established categories, but I will also attempt to create new ones, in which I could share not just my looks, but also write more. Besides, I would like to create a site with more diversity, whether in terms of content or people featured. I am tired of seeing my face on that good, ol’ Instagram feed of mine, therefore, I will feature more people in my life on it. They are beautiful souls, and it would be a shame to not include them, especially since they were the people who made New York City magical for me.

As possibly dramatic as this letter might have been, I hope you, my fellow readers, will understand why I decided to share intimate parts of my life with you. I have been experiencing these feelings for quite a while, which is also the reason why most recent content has not been the greatest. You know my promise to provide better, higher quality product, and I will make sure to keep my promises. Therefore, let the new chapter of Fashion Caption begin.

Thank you for reading this lengthy post, and have a wonderful day.

Yours truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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