Fashion Through the Decades

Fashion Through the Decades: Day Look of the 1980s

Fashion Through the Decades: Day Look of the 1980s

Hello my fellow readers,

This is my second post in the mini-series titled, “Fashion Through the Decades.” In today’s post, we are jumping to one of the most insane yet amusing decades of the twentieth century: the 1980s!

The 80s were definitely a significant jump into a drastically different direction as to compared to the previously mentioned decade of the 1970s. The crazy colors, the beginning of crimped hair, the enormous amounts of hairspray that damaged the ozone layer, and the best musical artists were rising to fame.

If the 1970s had elements of the decades that came prior to them, the 1980s were unique in a sense that there was barely any repetition of items of clothing or makeup that came in the decades prior to it. Although it is true that the 80s borrowed the crazy colors and patterns from the 60s, it would be difficult to compare the two because the colors of the 80s were amped up in volume and transformed into the trend called, “neon.” The 60s, on the other hand, were still colorful, but more settle.

However, one could also say that the 80s decided took inspiration from the 60s trend of layering jewelry. Yet, once again, the 80s took that trend and transformed it into something bigger. Perhaps, this is where the saying, “Go big or go home,” comes from.

The 80s makeup was just as wild as the clothing. The colorful eyeshadow, the glossy lips or shiny lipsticks, and the bright blush were all worn by women to work, but also to a night club, such as Studio 54, for after-work drinks and dances. If in the 70s, trousers were social statements made out of fabric, the 80s equivalent to that was makeup.

Makeup can break or make the outfit, but it could also demolish social barriers. It could be looked at as “war-paint” because women were not just heading to work; they were heading to build their careers and establish higher career aspirations for themselves. On the other hand, with rising stars, such as Madonna and Whitney Houston, makeup was rebellious and could highlight the best features of one’s face.

This daylook takes inspiration from the iconic material girl, Madonna, who rose to fame in the 80s due to her provocative and highly controversial nature. Madonna paved way for the modern-day Britney, Beyoncé, and other popstars, who, in their own ways, have been redefining the music world. However, Madonna is Madonna. Some of the pieces worn in this outfit were inspired by Madonna, such as the layered necklaces, meanwhile the rest of the outfit was inspired by the ambiance of the decade.

Here’s the breakdown of getting the wildchild day look of the 1980s.

  1. You say, “NEON” and I say, “YES”

In the 1980s, neon was worn so often that if someone would have turned off all the lights, you could still see them glowing in the dark. Although neon is the definition of something wild, it still managed to find its way back into the fashion world. Remember all of the neon-colored accessories and leggings in 2011? Dark times (how ironic). But, occasional pop of color could still be included into an outfit. Whether you’re wearing an-all denim look and decide to style a neon yellow bandeu, you’re welcome to do so. It won’t just separate your outfit; it might add that missing pop to the outfit.

  1. Necklaces? Bracelets? Layer them all!

Remember Madonna and her talent (or her stylist’s) to take all the bracelets and necklaces of the world, and stack them? Well, the 1980s were the prime example of how to layer jewelry in the “Go big or go home” fashion. Of course, even the 80s had their limits when it came to layering. It was either the necklaces or the bracelets, but the talent to layer and stack jewelry came from the era. In this photoshoot, Vanessa is wearing several necklaces and 3 bracelets. We played around with both, bracelets and necklaces, however, no one could do it better than Madonna herself.

  1. The bigger the hair, the better.

Vanessa was born with curly hair, and to wear it naturally was the trend in the 1980s. Yet, if you were not blessed with a naturally voluminous or curly hair, such as Whitney Houston’s, then no need to worry. Crimping, teasing, and hairspray were your new best friends! In addition to the makeup looks, the hair needed to make a statement when one was entering the room. Whitney Houston was one of the first big-name female black artists in pop music in the 1980s. Her look was something Vanessa and I researched for hours. Although there was lack of representation of the women of color in the media, Vanessa and I were lucky to find Whitney. Her style, whether of music or in clothes, is eternal.

The 80s were a bit more on the costume-y side, however, it was a bold look worth trying once. You could always experiment with your wardrobe and find something to include into your day look that would still have the touch of the 80s. But, if you are not into wearing the 1980s-inspired items of clothing, then you could always turn to makeup. Since you live only once, might as well try something new.

Outfit Details: Overalls-Forever 21 (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Bandeau-SEE YOU MONDAY U.S.A (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Headband-PINK (Similar Here), Oxfords-Aldo (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Watch-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Faux-leather black bracelet-H&M (Similar Here, & Here), Bracelets-Thrifted, Black choker-H&M (Similar Here), Necklaces-Thrifted.  

Styling by Sophia Ostapenko in collaboration with Vanessa Flores

Photography by Sophia Ostapenko

Videography by Sophia Ostapenko

Thank you for reading, and have a colorful day.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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