Fashion Through the Decades

Fashion Through the Decades: Night Look of the 1980s

Fashion Through the Decades: Night Look of the 1980s

Hello my fellow readers,

In today’s post, we will be revisiting one of the most insane decades of the twentieth century and its night looks-the 1980s!

As discussed in the day look post, the 1980s were one of the craziest decades when it came to fashion. Neon, wild prints, jewelry layering, and a pairing of combat boots with tutus were just some of the most memorable looks of the 1980s.

The night looks were just as wild and crazy as the day looks, although they were, of course, more pumped up in volume. As mentioned in the 1970s post, sequins and sparkles ruled the world. Pants, dresses, accessories-if it shimmered, it was in.

However, the late 1980s began to express their love for denim. Whether it was denim jackets, or just some mom jeans, denim began to conquer the decade, eventually overflowing into the 1990s. If paired with a tutu, a denim jacket could tone down a look, resulting in a more casual approach. But, if you had a night on the town planned and wanted to throw a lightweight jacket, a regular-cut, or a cropped denim jacket was a perfect pairing to your sequined dress.

The 1980s also loved big hair and bright makeup. Whether it was glittery eyelids or bold lips, the 1980s were experimenting with makeup more than any decade, most likely inspiring the modern beauty gurus to play around with their makeup looks. Besides, the colorful makeup needed to have hair to match it. Whether you had an afro, or wanted to tease your bangs up to the sky, big hair was in. Embracing your natural texture, or working on improving it were just a few of the trends of the decade.

Here is how you can achieve the night look of the 1980s:


Just as mentioned in the 1970s night look post, the 1980s also had their share of sparkles and sequins. Whether it was one item, such as a dress, or many, such as layered jewelry, glistening under the lights of a night club or a restaurant, the sparkles and sequins were shining their way through the 1980s.


Denim jackets are fabulous since they could be worn during the day and transformed into the night. For a night look, the rest of your outfit should speak volumes, while the denim jacket could tone it down just a bit. Besides, a modern take on denim that is inspired by the glittery decade would be jeans with embellishments on them, or denim jackets with sequined inserts or patches.


Whether it comes down to experimenting with your natural features, such as your hair, or with makeup and clothing, playing with it could always relate back to the 1980s. Experimentation is key, whether big or small. Wear a black tutu and combat boots, or try a biker jacket on top of sequined pants. Keep playing it up until you find your dream pairing. Who knows, maybe you would be able to find your next favorite look?

Outfit Details: Denim jacket-L Train Vintage (Similar Here and Here), Dress-Bebe (Similar Here and Here),  Heels-Nine West (Similar Here and Here), Socks-Express (Similar Here), Watch-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Faux-leather black bracelet-H&M (Similar Here, & Here), Bracelets-Thrifted, Black choker-H&M (Similar Here), Necklaces-Thrifted.  

Styling by Sophia Ostapenko in collaboration with Vanessa Flores

Photography by Sophia Ostapenko

Videography by Sophia Ostapenko

Thank you for reading, and have a fabulous day.

Yours Truly,

Sophia from Fashion Caption.


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