Fashion Through the Decades

Fashion Through the Decades: Night Look of the 1990s

Fashion Through the Decades: Night Look of the 1990s

Hello my fellow readers,

It is finally here! The last post in the mini-series, Fashion Through the Decades. The 1990s, the most neutral and laid back decade of all is the settle ending to this fashionably-historic series. Although the decade itself was pretty laid back when it came to its looks, there were still elements of clothing and accessories that modern fashion has brought back and setting them as trends.

The 1990s stayed on the neutral side of the color scheme, however, that did not take away from experimenting with fabrics and textures. Inspired by Spice Girls, feathers, in the forms of boas, were leading the way through night clubs, meanwhile fabrics, such as velvet and silk, were used to make skirts, shirts, dresses, and pants. Prints were also dominant, such as the leopard, especially since they still belonged to the neutral color scheme. However, making a statement was always in style no matter the decade.

The 1990s also introduced some bizarre night life materials into this world thanks to their open mindset to the world of the BDSM culture. Latex, especially used in dresses and skirts, rose to the top of the trend charts thanks to superstars, such as Madonna and Spice Girls. In addition, sheer fabrics were also popular at the time. Whether paired with a camisole or matching underwear underneath, the sheer fabrics blasted to the top, and still continue to inspire modern designers.

Accessories, as an obvious yet very relevant, played just of an important part in any look as the clothing itself. Earrings, such as hoops, and necklaces, such as chokers, were the most powerful and stylish part of any outfit. Besides, hair accessories were also a powerful trend. From colorful scrunchies to silver-colored bobby pins, hair accessories served a double purpose: to accessorize and to keep one’s style in place.

Thanks to the 1990s, here are three ways you could wear a 1990s-inspired look to your upcoming night out.


Chokers, no matter how thin or thick, were subtle accessories that could be worn day and night. Yet, chokers that were bold and thick were saved for the later hours in the day. Whether you are planning to go out to dinner, or are aiming to dance at the night club all night, chokers added a special final touch to complete any look.


As previously mentioned, this quadruple was the new popular fabric combination. Although worn separately in most looks, the fabrics could still be combined without causing a chaos in an outfit. For instance, pair a sheer blouse with velvet trousers, or wear a black silk camisole with a baby pink latex skirt. There you have it: already two outfits, and totally 1990s inspired.


Although 1990s were much more settle and relaxed than the 1980s, there were still some elements and fabrics that were quite overwhelming. All of it needed a balance, just like everything in life. For instance, pairing a statement piece, such as a latex skirt, can look cheap if worn with other latex items, however, if paired with something that is softer in terms of fabric and fit, such as silk or cotton, it could have a much more different look and appeal. Same concept applied to accessories. You could wear a black velvet choker with a small pendant on it, or put wear some hoop earrings, and you were ready to go.

Now go out into the night, and get your look 1990s inspired look on.

Outfit Details: Dress-H&M (Similar Here and Here), T-shirt-Forever 21 (Similar Here), Boots-Burlington (Similar Here), Black bracelet-Nike, Silver bracelets-H&M (Similar Here and Here), Hoops-Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here), Rings-Gifted. 

Thank you for following this mini-series, and I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did.

Please leave a comment below to let me know what posts you would like to see next!

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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