Lost Bride

Lost Bride

Hello my fellow readers,

I am ecstatic to be behind the computer screen for the first time in a long time. Balancing school, work, and life in general could get a bit hectic at times, however, you have to learn how to juggle it all in order to accomplish everything.

I am truly excited for today’s post. Not only does it feature one of my dearest friends, but it also features a garment that she has designed and sewn. The idea behind the shoot was to move away from the stereotypical bridal shoot, and instead, photograph a woman who is actually lost; someone who has lost her partner and is devastated by their absence. Although this was the initial take, it could be interpreted in a different way.

In the past few months, I have been feeling frustrated. Whether it is in my personal life or in my work life, something seemed to be off. Although at first I thought I was the only one in this type of mental state, I realized that more and more friends and acquaintances of mine felt the same way. It felt as we have lost something; something that was not materialistic, and something that has not had any grand significance. However, it was something that we truly cared for and it became our driving force when we needed it the most.

Don’t get me wrong-we did not forget how blessed we are in terms of being able to live on this earth and have a roof over our heads. We just lost something that felt personal, and it was an intangible piece of our minds and lives that has vanished with no signs of being found.

Although often times we reminisce over something that has disappeared, in the midst of it all, we tend to find something new that eventually becomes the missing piece to the puzzle of our lives. Whether it is letting go of a relationship that was once sacred and beautiful, but now feels like a burden that you are shaking off of yourself, or losing focus on what you would like to pursue in life, but then finding a new passion-missing something does not have to associate with a negative connotation.

My friend and model in this post, Kaitlyn, and I, decided to shoot a wedding gown that she has designed a few months ago. We shot the photos in the cold and wintery Central Park, right in the middle of the island of Manhattan. With the snow in the background and with frosty air, suddenly, a wedding gown that was once a piece of fabric that ended up in a closet, felt fresh and relieving, just like the weather on the day the photoshoot took place.

Although wedding dresses are often associated with love, marriage, purity, or bridal catalogues, Kaitlyn and I did not want the dress to feel as an image of a happy bride, who is getting married soon. Instead, we wanted the bride to feel as if she was lost and could not find the piece to her missing puzzle, which was her loved one, whom she needed especially on this cold winter day in the middle of a busy city. We wanted the feeling of losing something to be represented through these images, and indeed, we managed to create a storyline.

As you begin to read this post, you will see that the photos start out with a bride that has a very solemn facial expression yet, as you continue to scroll, you will realize that the photos grow lighter and lighter in facial expressions and colors, hinting on the feeling of missing something and replacing it with something that at first did not seem to be a better choice.

Outfit Details: Wedding dress by Kaitlyn De La Cruz, Shoes-Thrifted (Similar Here), Earrings-Gifted (Similar Here & Here).

Photography by Sophia Ostapenko.

Thank you for reading, and love yourself.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.


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