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Ana Lucia Bermudez at Alejandría Showroom

Ana Lucia Bermudez at Alejandría Showroom

Hello my fellow readers,

I have recently had the pleasure to visit the Alejandría Showroom in New York City, and get a first look at the Colombian designer, Ana Lucia Bermudez Spring/Summer 2018 collection.

On the day of the event, a snow storm arrived to New York, which was an ironic contrast to the collection that was presented. The designer, who is inspired by traditional Colombian symbols and prints, uses them in order to create different, and quite unforgettable garments for women.

The collection consisted of pin-striped, high-waisted pants, floral shirts, blouses with endless ruffles, and numerous bright-colored skirts and dresses. In addition, the collection also featured several pairs of heels, which were just as bright as the clothes, however, they were not overwhelming; they were complimentary to the arrangement of clothes presented at the showroom.

Ana Lucia Bermudez’s designs are refreshing. They are colorful and playful. This combination is expressed through floral designs that are not a part of the pattern; but the flowers are sewn on to the garments, which makes even the most simple pencil skirt seem interesting. As someone who personally loves floral print (Groundbreaking!) and vivid clothing, Ana Lucia Bermudez’s designs were exhilarating, since they were created at a smaller fashion house, which pursues its own vision and gathers inspiration from its Colombian origins.

Besides Ana Lucia Bermudez, there were other Colombian fashion brands that were featured at the showroom. Shanti by Daniela Sanchez, a jewelry brand, along with Ellipse Lingerie, a lingerie brand,  Natalia Londono, who is another Colombian designer with her own take on modern clothing, and A. Rinkel, a bag designer, were all displayed in the showroom.

As someone who does not, unfortunately, take her time to explore small designers, who make fascinating pieces inspired by their culture, it felt rejuvenating to see new takes on modern clothing, accessories, and lingerie. Quite inspiring, that is for sure.

If you are interested to find out more about the previously mentioned designers, please feel free to click the links within the post, or read the following list:

  1. Ana Lucia Bermudez
  2. Shanti by Daniela Sanchez
  3. Ellipse Lingerie
  4. Natalia Londono
  5. A. Rinkel

Photography by Sophia Ostapenko.

Thank you for reading, and happy holidays!

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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