Hello my fellow readers,

As 2017 is finally coming to an end, the time is approaching to do an annual recap.

For some, 2017 was an amazing year. Maybe someone somewhere got engaged (Congratulations!). Maybe someone somewhere managed to accomplish their biggest goals and made their dreams come true (Keep doing what you’re doing because you’re amazing!). Maybe someone somewhere managed to open up their perspectives by being able to travel the world or hop onto an unexpected adventure.

For others, 2017 was not as great. Maybe you were aiming to jump higher, but you weren’t able to because you stumbled. Maybe you were aiming to reach a certain goal, but you weren’t able to because of your current circumstances. However, that is okay. It happens. As we all know, life is a roller coaster. For some, their highest point might be now. For others, you might feel as if you are stuck on the bottom loop of the roller coaster, but believe it or not, maybe you are about to shoot straight up to success.

On a personal note, 2017 could be summed up in one word: stressful. It wasn’t an amazing year. But it was also not the worst year.

On a good note, I updated the theme of the blog, which made me ecstatic, but I also created content that I was truly proud of (Fashion Through the Decades series). The downside to the upgrade: all of my visual content was erased from all of the older posts, thus I am currently replenishing everything manually. On another good note, I am sharing more and more content with you that is more authentically me. I am sharing more personal moments and more funny captions. On a downside, I still occasionally doubt my content. However, I won’t know what the outcome of genuine content will be if I stop pursuing it. And boy-oh-boy, I am too excited for whatever outcome it might be.

As for my personal life, I was blessed with plenty of things this year, which I am truly grateful for. However, as I am approaching the end to my teenage years, I am starting to get way ahead of myself. On one hand, it is great. I am thinking long-term and I am trying to find answers to some questions that I will pose again in 10 years. But, on another hand, I am also stressing myself out. The stress has left its mark with acne, which was one of the reasons why I did not want to shoot for the blog as much this year. I like sharing authentic content, and sharing photoshopped images of myself was not something in my plans. Panic attacks and mood swings were also some of the outcomes of stress, which did not allow me to fully live and enjoy life. These emotional roller coasters are also some of the contributing factors to feeling like you might be stuck in a rut. However, the good thing is: a rut does not have to be forever, and that is one of my personal goals for 2018: to get out of a rut.

I am a strong believer in New Year’s Resolutions, and although they might be cliche, I believe they help to start the New Year in a productive and exciting way. Therefore, if you feel like you need a little push or motivation, start the year off with something that used to make you excited. Something that brought you joy and inspired you for a while. Start off with that. Do more of it. Continue doing more of it, and sooner or later, that something might bring out the inner motivation, inspiration, and clarification that you have been searching for this entire 2017. 

So, Happy New Year, my fellow readers. May it be the best one yet.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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