Hello my fellow readers,

Welcome back to my blog! It has been a few short moments since my last post, but here we are, yet again, hopping on a new journey.

With all of the climatic changes, New York City has been quite cold in the past few weeks. The drop in temperatures is bringing my Eastern European roots out, and makes me think of one thing: Snegurochka.

Snegurochka was and still is one of the prominent characters in Slavic folklore that is used during the winter holiday season to promote New Years and the Russian Santa Claus, who is known as “Ded Moroz”.

Snegurochka is another word for a “Snow Maiden”. Although there is no proof of her roots being of a Slavic descent, Snegurochka began to appear in the Slavic culture in the 19th century. If the USA has Mrs.Clause, Snegurochka is Ded Moroz’s, or Santa Claus’s granddaughter.

The reason why I have thought of the character now and not during the holiday season was because of how Snegurochka was depicted during my childhood years. This young, beautiful woman, who wears mesmerizing coats with fur hoods and collars-she was an inspiration and an aspiration all at once.

Therefore, when winter comes around and the temperature significantly drops, I cannot wait to wear all of my warm coats, including the one I am wearing in this post.

A parka, which is a New York City staple, has been around for decades. It is a simple jacket that is usually military green in color, and has a relatively thin lining. However, as the weather does not stop or slow down, neither does the parka industry.

In the past few years, parkas have gone from a basic staple to one-of-a-kind coat. There have been many interpretations on the jacket, including a larger variety of colors, different types of hoods, fur on the hoods, and even fur lining.

When you live in a cold region, being warm is all that matters. But, if you are like me and you have once also dreamed of being a Snegurochka in the winter, you definitely do not want to do and be basic.

The parka I am wearing here has everything I want in a jacket: it is relatively colorful; it has fur (FAUX FUR, PEOPLE); and its lining is as warm as a blanket. One of my friends recently told me that I will forever be known as a “girl who wears blankets as jackets, or has a closet full of the softest jackets”.

To me, comfort, warmth do not have to be sacrificed for style. There are always ways to switch up your old black peacoat, or the most ordinary black puffer jacket. Especially with the recent fashion trends, there are a million and one ways to add a little something to any jacket you wear.

Although I purchased my parka the way it is pictured and did not need to add any extra details, after I brought it home, I realized that the jacket is a 3-in-1. It is a warm parka with an inner faux-fur lining and a faux-fur hood; it can be unzipped and the hood can come off, which would result in the standard, “New York” parka; and the last, but definitely not the least: the inner part of the jacket could be removed, which would result in a bomber jacket with a faux-fur lining. This combination was like finding a dress with pockets; it was MAGICAL.

Therefore, do not be afraid to bring out your inner Snegurochka. Although she is a fictional character, there’s nothing wrong with being a little extraordinary during your cold winter days.

Outfit Details: Parka-Mango (Similar Here & Here), Turtleneck-Zara (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Denim skirt-ASOS (Similar Here, Here, & Here) , Boots-Michael Kors (Similar Here), Earrings-Gogo Philip on ASOS (Similar Here & Here), “Knot” ring-Gifted (Similar Here & Here), “Circle” ring-Gifted (Similar Here), Watch-Coach, Backpack-Rebecca Minkoff (Similar Here, Here, & Here).

Photography by Esther Park.

Videography by Esther Park.

Thank you for reading, and play things up!

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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