Faux Flare

Faux Flare

Hello my fellow readers,

I have a confession to make: I believe in powerful coats. Especially, fur coats (FAUX).

If you follow me on Instagram, you have most likely seen one of the most recent posts of me wearing the featured faux-fur coat. In the caption, I mentioned how a “шуба” [шу́ба/Shu-ba], which means “fur coat” in English, is a clothing item that became extremely popular within the countries of what-used-to-be USSR, or in my personal experience, became a huge cultural symbol in Ukraine, Russia, and Belarus.

Although a fur coat is often seen on women, a fur coat was a unisex item. Since the winter in the Eastern part of the world is much colder than the one in New York, a fur coat was a necessity rather than a fashion statement. Indeed, this necessity kept a person warm for long periods of time, along with being made out of quality materials, which led to a long-lasting wear throughout one’s lifetime.

However, although “shuba” was a necessity, it was also a luxury item. Since in the 20th century, most coats worn by Eastern Europeans were made out of real fur, which originated from foxes, minks, sables, or muskrats. A well-made, high quality fur coat could cost anywhere from 65,000 rubles ($1,145.30) to 100,000 rubles or more ($1,762+). Most citizens were not able to afford a fur coat, therefore, a fur coat was something people were saving up for.

Since the price tag is on the higher end of the pricing spectrum, often times women began to joke that if they married the right men, they will own a real fur coat. The joke was eventually transferred into movie and tv-show scripts, however, it was made to seem as if women were “begging” their husbands for fur coats. Although the portrayal might not have been always accurate, women did like their fur, and if their husbands got them one-he was a keeper.

For women, a fur coat was warm and practical without having to sacrifice style. And if there are people who know how to create extravagant looks for the cold weather, those people would be Slavic women.

The coat I am wearing in this post is FAUX-fur, however, it serves its purpose better than I could have imagined. It is actually warmer than my puffer coat, which is something I was not expecting from a faux-fur coat that was purchased at an affordable clothing store. Besides, the color red, which is often associated with passion and desire, was one of the main attractive attributes of it. Since everyone wears black in New York because it’s practical and comfortable, I wanted my coat to become a cold-weather statement piece, which is what I got. Another perk of it is that I need no introduction; my coat speaks for myself.

Based on my posts and my clothing choices, it is easy to point-out that I use clothing as a form of self-expression and release of energy. Some people journal; some people draw or paint; some people dance or sing; I get dressed.

Clothing, has and always will be a tool for me. Like for many other people, especially in New York, clothing will be about self-expression, style, comfort, practicality, mood of the day, etc. Thus, when I put this coat on, I put on a persona. A persona of someone who is confident and bold; someone who is not afraid of a challenge.

Therefore, if you ever need to put a brave face on to face the world or your current circumstances, wear a powerful piece of clothing. You never know if that item of clothing will open doors for you to something bigger and better.

Outfit Details: Faux-Fur coat-Mango (Similar Here & Here), Turtleneck-Uniqlo, Pants-Missguided (Similar Here), Shoes-Michael Kors (Similar Here & Here), Golden ring w/black stone-Bara Boheme Jewelry (Similar HereHere), “Enclosed Fingers” ring-Thrifted at Beacon’s Closet (Similar Here), Backpack-Rebecca Minkoff (Similar Here, Here, & Here), Cap-SIX (Similar Here& Here).

Makeup by Jennifer Fajardo.

Photography by Vanessa Flores.

Videography by Vanessa Flores.

P.S.: I do not smoke; this was only done for the purpose of creative direction.

Thank you for reading, and shine your brightest.

Yours Truly,

Sophia for Fashion Caption.

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