About Me

Sophia, Founder & Editor-in-Chief

Fashion Caption was founded on June 26, 2013 by Sophia Ostapenko. Sophia currently resides in New York City, where she has lived for the past 6 years. She is a college student, who is pursuing an Associate’s Degree in Advertising and Marketing Communications. She started this blog to showcase her affordable sense of style, as well as create a writing portfolio and a collection of looks for herself and for her readers.

Sophia started this blog spontaneously, which was originally a website filled with fashion, pictures-only blog. She began by casually styling various outfits for different occasions, eventually ending up with several outfits being shot by her close friends, and then posting the photos online. However, due to her wanting to pursue journalism as a career, Sophia decided to write posts that could eventually become a part of her writing portfolio. Therefore, the new Fashion Caption was born.

Vanessa, Photographer

In July of 2015, Sophia’s close friend and photographer, Vanessa Flores, began photographing for Fashion Caption to create better, fresher content for the blog. Vanessa’s refreshing point of view and interests in film and photography were the perfect addition to Fashion Caption. Fast forward two years later, Vanessa and Sophia have been working on producing more creative content on college students’ budgets.

In conclusion…

Fashion Caption has not just become a fashion blog, but has shifted its focus to a lifestyle, fashion diary. Sophia has launched several new categories, such as New York Diary, which includes posts about well-known and unfamiliar neighborhoods in New York City, as well as added several fashion categories, such as New York Fashion Week Street Style, which documents the people and the looks from New York Fashion Week.

Since Fashion Caption’s founding, Sophia and Vanessa are constantly working on improving their skills in photography, writing, and in styling, searching for inspiration and seeking more knowledge every day. The current goal of Fashion Caption is to create new, refreshing, and honest content, with the helps of photography, writing, and styling.

Thank You for reading, and please leave comments under the posts for feedback!